the Kremlin is preparing a new appeal of the President to the Russians. It is assumed that it will apply to voting on amendments to the Constitution. As the main date of the treatment is seen Monday, June 29, four told RBC source close to the Kremlin.

Press-Secretary President Dmitry Peskov did not answer the question RBC about the President’s plans for a new treatment date. Sources of “Interfax”, previously said that among the possible dates is also seen on June 30.

the Amendments to the Basic law makes every year and it is the duty of the President to say about them before the plebiscite, this is an important format of communication with citizens, adds another interlocutor of RBC. It is also expected that Putin will be encouraged to participate in the voting those who haven’t made it, say three close to the Kremlin source.

the vote on the amendments to the Constitution began on June 25 and will last a week until July 1. On the first day of participation in the plebiscite is received the Chairman of the security Council, the head of “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev, who came to the polling station. Also voted, but through electronic voting, Sands. He did it in the car on the way to work.

With the previous treatment of Vladimir Putin made on 23 June. The President announced a number of new initiatives, such as the increase to 15% personal income tax for citizens with salaries of over 5 million rubles per year, the extension of preferential mortgage programs, the introduction of preferential tax treatment for it-industry and the repetition of one-off payments in the amount of 10 thousand rubles for families with children up to 16 years. Voting on the Constitution, the President also mentioned but only in passing.

At the meeting with the new composition of the Public chamber on 25 June, the head of state also touched on the subject of voting. The results must be completely reliable and legitimate, he said. “There can’t be any compulsion, cheating turnout, not to mention the failures in the accounting of the votes cast, so that later nobody could doubt the position will expressed by the citizens of Russia”, — Putin said.

to appeal to the Russians, the President may also, after the vote to thank the citizens for what they took part in it, earlier told the source of RBC.