The Kremlin made it clear the plan to combat coronavirus in Russia

Press Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov said the plan to combat the spread of coronavirus in Russia in connection with sharp increase in the number of cases does not change, the tactics remain the same. There are regions, which do not cope with the situation.

“the President personally controls the creation of additional capacities across regions and the process of strengthening their protection”, – said Dmitry Peskov told reporters. According to him, some regions successfully cope with the task, and there are those where the situation leaves much to be desired.

a Legislator, said the press Secretary of the President, is in Moscow, “which were the first to encounter this problem and where the rate of growth of the incidence of coronavirus remain high.”

With lagging regions, he said, is a special work with them more closely Federal headquarters.

Peskov said that Putin is guided by the projections, which supply “the leaders of our specialized medical organizations”, as well as data on the growth of cases and other information that is collected and analyzed at headquarters.

“the Exact forecast can not be here. The solution appears according to the situation depending on the growth of the incidence rate. The main thing is the health of citizens”, – said Peskov.