the Kremlin is happy with the new “stretched” for a few days format, which is voting on amendments to the Constitution, but the possibility of its use in the presidential election has not yet been discussed. The journalists said Dmitry Peskov.

with regard to the increase of the length of the single voting day, which will be in September, then, he said, “CEC is better how it is convenient and efficient,” “they as professionals need to formulate a point of view”.

“In the case of the current voting conditions, when an important task is to eliminate the threat to human health, this is a very justified decision, spokesperson said, – We see that this allows to avoid unnecessary crowds at polling stations”.

He added that “the experience of the past we can say that the voting is very effectively”, and no threats to the credibility of its results is not.

“Some one-time problems can happen, they are impossible to avoid in such a huge country like ours. But on the General background of the voting and observations is not affected,” – said the press Secretary of the head of state.