The Kremlin considers Russia the successor of USSR

the Kremlin believes that Russia and the de jure and a de facto successor state to the Soviet Union. This was stated press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

“It is the opinion of the judges of the constitutional court, there is a practice of the publication of this opinion”, — said Peskov, adding that he will leave without comment the judge’s opinion.

In December 2019, the constitutional court adopted a resolution on the compensation of housing three Russians, which was taken away from their families during the repression. They wanted to get an apartment in Moscow, where they lived until the expulsion. However, faced with a discrepancy between their current legislation. The COP stood on their side and agreed to introduce necessary changes.

Judge Konstantin aranovsky said that with the decision of the court agree. However, in his opinion, Russia should not be considered the successor of the “repressive and terrorist acts” of the Soviet regime. The USSR, he considers it an illegally constituted state, and the Russian Federation does not continue it himself in the right, and “replaces in its territory”. In addition, Russia should have the constitutional status of the state, “nothing to do with totalitarian crimes.”