The monument to Civil war hero Gregory Kotovsky, who started out as a felon, dismantled in Krutoyarivka village in Odessa region. He became the latest victim of the continuing Ukraine de-communization.

This was stated by the Chairman of the organization “Decommunization. Ukraine” Vadim Pozdnyakov in Facebook. According to him, the monument stood in the center of the village of Belgorod-the Dniester area as long as the village has not received a message from his organization.

The fate of the demolished monument Pozdnyakov not interested in seeing that usually send them to some warehouse.

Earlier reported that the authorities of the Bolgradsky region of Odessa region promised to demolish all of the remaining area of the Soviet monuments until 1 September 2018. To dismantle the monuments of the “Communist leaders” were the village Council, but they did not do under the pretext of lack of money.