It is not only in denmark, the healthcare system is put under pressure after corona-the eruption’s arrival.

At our Swedish neighbors are almost 600 people found infected with the virus, and also in Sweden, the fight to limit the spread and help the sick.

Something that is not gone out king Carl Gustafs past.

‘To you, who are now working to prevent and to limit the spread of the new coronavirus and to care for the people who are sick, I send a special greeting, the’ sounds in an official statement, which continues:

‘Your action is important for our country and deeply appreciated by me, my family and everyone in Sweden.’

the King describes, moreover, that both he and the family look at the situation in and outside Sweden with great seriousness.

The Swedish regent’s announcement is very much in line with the, our own queen came with Thursday night.

Herein it sounded, she calls on the people to follow the government and the authorities ‘ instructions and take care of each other.

‘Denmark and the world community is just now in a very difficult situation. We all have a special responsibility to take account of each other and together contribute to the uk comes through the very big challenges that the country faces,’ said among other queen Margrethe of denmark.

She praised and thanked also several Danish institutions in order to show decisiveness and care.

As a result of the corona-onset have the Queen decide to cancel the celebration of her 80th birthday.

Also are all other official plans in the crown have been dropped.