The KHL Board of Directors approved the hard corridor of salaries for clubs

the Board of Directors of the Continental hockey League approved hard corridor of salaries for clubs with a season-2020/21-level 900-270 million. Also, control measures and sanctions in the case of the output range.

According to the changes in regulations, the hard salary cap means the inadmissibility of exceeding the total revenue of the hockey club over the set limit value ceiling.

In case of exceeding the club of such a ceiling is not more than 2% the size limit of ceiling is reduced for the next three season for the following amounts: in the first season – a sum equal to three times the amount of excess of the ceiling; the second for an amount equal to twice the amount of excess of the ceiling; the third of the season an amount equal to the amount of excess of the ceiling.

With the following season set a “floor” of wages not less than 270 million rubles – the amount that must be spent for the entire season to a fixed part of the wages of the players.

2020/21 With the “floor” of 30% of the “ceiling” with a consequent increase in seasonal up to 50%, or 450 million roubles – to 2023/24.

in Addition to the above sanctions, the KHL Board of Directors reserves the right to take against the guilty club the decision on its exception of structure of participants of championship KHL or its non-admission to participation in the championship.