record is hot suspicious this week. The weather service, Meteonews forecast: mid-week could in some cases rise in the Thermometer as high as never before in June. As of Tuesday, the maximum values reach 35 degrees, in Basel and in the Central Valais even 37 degrees. The Federal government warns of 39 degrees!

meteorologist Stefan Scherrer: “Since April of 2018, each month was compared to the climatic means from 1991 to 2010, to warm.” The only exceptions this year: the January and the may of significantly to cool. Scherrer: “Now we reach June-temperatures were measured by widely used least in the heat of the summer of 2003.”

These records are in danger

for example, Zurich: The hottest June temperature measured originates from the 23. June 2003 at the measurement station of Zurich-Kloten airport and is located at 36 degrees. “This value is this week in the realm of possibility,” says Scherrer.

the Same applies to Schaffhausen, where the June record is also from the year 2003: 35,5 degrees. In Basel could even drop a record from 1947: 27. June were here – two years after the end of the Second world war – 36.9 degrees measured. And here, too, the weather frog says: The record wobbles!

The year is 2019, by the way, leave early on most brands of tumble, several mountain measuring stations, the mildest February had been found to be temperatures since the beginning of the Measurement, it is said, by Meteonews.

zero degree limit up to 5000 meters,

That all-time records fall, the experts expect for this week, more of less: “it is still too early in the year,” says Stefan Scherrer. “The Mediterranean sea is still too cold, and the land masses need to be heated with the strong summer sun is still to come.” But: “if we Had the current Weather situation in July or August – then probably new highs would be achieved.”

The Swiss all-time record, by the way is also from the summer of 2003: 40.5 degrees were measured in Grono GR. “If this week should fall to an all-time record, then this will be most likely in the height,” says meteorologist Scherrer. “The freezing level will rise to up to 5000 meters. Since the older colleagues are amazed even. Something you have never seen before.”

With all the fascination is the constant Tumbling of records to think the meteorologists also: “the last summer were exceptionally hot, and now, when new highs are reached, and this shows that climate change is in full swing!”