the French journalists have suggested that the spread of coronavirus infection in the world has led to the fact that the United States lost its title of leader.

Pandemic coronavirus infection put an end to the established after the Second world war, the world order and the US leadership on the international stage, said the authors of the French edition of Le Monde.

According to journalists, the key role in destabilizing the regime was played by the rise of China. The delay with which the who has warned the international community about the dangers of mers, and showed the dependence of the organization from Beijing.

currently, the United States was no longer playing the role of world leader, as in the previous century, weakened the country the crisis has forced Washington to get rid of the mission indicated in the article.

the Unity of Europe also came under attack. The EU is not able to provide assistance to the most affected by the pandemic countries, as was practically defenseless in the pandemic. According to the authors of the material, the EU must review its own device in the future to influence the establishment of a new world order.