The Iraqi Parliament approved on Thursday night the new government, led by chief of intelligence of the country by Mustafa al-Kazimi. Despite the fact that part of the Ministerial posts is still vacant, the Prime Minister and the new Ministers took the oath. The vote on the candidates of Ministers of foreign Affairs and oil were delayed. The Parliament also rejected the nomination of the Ministers of trade, agriculture and Minister for migration.Despite the fact that the Cabinet is not full yet, the government’s approval was a breakthrough. To negotiate, the Iraqi politicians took five months. Mustafa al-Kazemi became the third candidate for the post of Prime Minister since the beginning of the year.In his speech before Parliament, Mustafa al-Kazimi promised to hold early elections to the Parliament as soon as it adopted a new law on elections. Previous elections were held in may 2018. He also promised to correct the negative effects of the economic crisis in the country, more intelligently distributing the costs and negotiate on the recovery of the share of Iraq’s oil exports. After the speech of the candidate for Prime Minister, the MPs proceeded to vote on each Minister.The most difficult for the new Prime Minister was to win approval of his proposed government among the Shiite parties, some of which is Tehran. Taken a month ago, the decision of the President of Iraq Barham Saleh to charge Mr. al-Kazimi the formation of the government did not initially meet the approval of Iran and its Iraqi allies, especially the block “al-Fath” associated with a militia, “al-Hashd al-SHAABI”. They accused the head of intelligence that he handed over to the Americans and their commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, who was killed by the Americans, along with an Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad airport in early January. But in the end a compromise was found.Mustafa al-Kazimi 53. In 1985, a student is a freshman, he fled the country and returned there in 2012. In exile, he lived mostly in the UK and USA, are engaged in human rights and journalistic activities. He has published several books on human rights. Returning to Iraq, he finally received his law degree and continued to write articles for the American analytical online publication about the middle East Al Monitor. In 2016, was appointed head of the National intelligence service, where one of his tasks was to deal with corruption in the Department. Judging by the reviews of Iraqi experts, he succeeded.Journalistic and human rights the experience of Mr. al-Kazimi can be useful for finding a compromise with the Iraqi street. In a country with Oct not subside protest against the government and difficult economic conditions. The protests led to the deaths of more than 600 Iraqis, tens of thousands have been ��of anemia. All previous candidates for Prime Minister were rejected by the protest movement, which requires change of the entire political elite of the country.On the difficulties of coordination of candidates — in the material “Kommersant” “the New Prime Minister of Iraq gave the US and Iran.”Marianna Belenkaya