mark Zuckerberg

the 36-year-old mark Zuckerberg, it seems, is extremely concerned about protection from the sun. Recently, the network got pictures on which the founder of Facebook surf in Hawaii. The billionaire has applied so many layers of the cream with SPF that face became as white as the mask. Pictures published on the website of the New York Post. According to the publication, it cut through the waves on an electric surfboard, but it was accompanied by professional surfer Kai lenny.

Shortly after this photo went viral: Twitter users joked about mark and come up with funny memes, inspired by his staff. Compare it with the Joker and even remembered that episode of the Batman television series of the 1960s the Joker (played by actor Caesar Romero) is also surfed.

was Thinking who reminds me of mark Zuckerberg, and that’s understood (Joker).

no One has ever seen Mark, and the Ghost from spirited away in the same room.

Look at this, johnny! This is a unique opportunity, guy. Let me conquer one wave before you do it. One wave.

mark Zuckerberg who has put too much sunscreen like wearing a mask of Michael Myers from the store for the carnival.

a New activity for Mark Zuckerberg.

mark Zuckerberg and Dr. Moreau.

are You sure that mark Zuckerberg threw the skin? Because it’s summer.