Japanese Network users outraged by the opening ceremony of the rescue center of EMERCOM of Russia, which was held August 5 at the Kuril island of Kunashir.

The opening ceremony of the centre took place on 5 August, this, in particular, reported a Japanese Yahoo News Japan. Near the center of a memorial plate on which are carved the words of Emperor Nicholas I: "Where once raised the Russian flag, where it should not go down".

Russia, commentators believe the article on Yahoo News Japan, once again showed that the so-called "Northern territory" of hers.

"the return of the Islands can no longer be hoped for. You have to stop to interact in a friendly manner," wrote IKS.

"Diplomacy Abe against Russia was one of the biggest failures of the post-war policy" – expressed the opinion of the dda.

"that has Nothing to do with the fact that the Southern Kuril Islands are under Russian control", says sah.

"there is No chance that the island will return, while Russia will not destroy a natural disaster," said deu.

"If Japan really wants to return to the island, she needs nuclear weapons", – said the Asa.

Moscow and Tokyo many decades trying to conclude a peace Treaty at the end of the Second world war. The main obstacle to this remains the issue of belonging of the South Kuril Islands after the end of conflict the entire archipelago became part of the Soviet Union, but Tokyo disputes ownership of the Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan and group of uninhabited Islands, which in Japan is called "Northern territory".

The position of Moscow consists that Southern Kuriles became part of the Soviet Union at the end of the war and the Russian sovereignty over them, which has the appropriate international legal formalization, can not be doubted.