social parasites. Note an invalid. Social detectives. For decades, Switzerland arguing about who is to receive from the disability insurance (IV) money and how much.

This week, this issue heated up again in the minds. The Federal court announced: Addiction is a disease – the addiction is to have a sick view on a disability pension.

To indignant a reader: “The whole welfare state is excluded, all of the species until there’s nothing left.” And another: “Today, the green state has in this left-everyone is entitled to social security benefits.”

What is the comment writer does not know: In Switzerland, year for year, less people are making money from the disability insurance. In 2005, there were 251’828 IV-pensioners. The end of 2018, there were 217’944: a decrease of 13 percent – and, although the is grown the total population in the same period by 15 percent.

IV is declared as of 2008, more stringent

Harald’s son, speaker of the Federal social insurance office (BSV), has become, for what reason: “The IV has become for the grant of pensions, stricter, especially from 2008 onwards.” Previously, the pension entitlement had been awarded too easily, the IV had amassed enormous debts. In response, we have adopted the principle “rehabilitation instead of retirement”.

The IV sold their integration measures as a success. On Friday, the SRF broadcast “10 published 10” new calculations for the “cost-effectiveness of the 4., 5. and 6. IV-Revision”. Conclusion of the study, commissioned by the IV-Set-conference: “thanks again to the labour market incorporated IV-Recipients saves the disability insurance every year, around 700 million francs.”

But That’s not the whole story. A broad Alliance made up of Doctors, associations of disabled persons, local politicians and insurance lawyers criticized: The highly acclaimed reintegration measures are best for the finances of the IV is a success.

For the IV’s for each and every a Job that is reasonable,

Judith Hanhart of, the organization of people with disabilities, says: “Who is, according to IV able to work, lose the IV-pension – even if he has, because of the health problems have no Chance on the labour market.”

Philippe Luchsinger (62), President of the home and children’s doctors in Switzerland, observed the same: “It has become very difficult to be of the IV for the acquisition declared bankrupt. According to the IV there are for practically each and every a Job that is doable and reasonable.”

he cites the example of a Person who, for decades, a very physically strenuous Job and in my mid-50 severe back discomfort got. “The IV then says, “Okay, you can no longer lift heavy, and you’re in your old Job, therefore, is 100 percent unable to work. For light work in a factory but you are still fully usable.”” In practice, someone who have worked for years on the construction spot, hardly a position in a different area. In spite of retraining, and especially not with middle of 50.

Luchsinger: “The IV does not see it as their Problem, that in the case of acquisition of disqualified people in the newly defined area of work have a chance.”

To be sick for the labour market, to be healthy for the pension

Controversial is what happens to those that are explained by the IV, for healthy. Clearly noticeable, however: In the same period, the number of recipients decreased by around 34’000 people, increased the number of recipients of social assistance to 41’000. Practitioners are, therefore, sure: Many, which is deleted from the IV-pension, land in the short or long-in the social assistance.

“The experience from everyday life suggests that there are many such cases,” says the physician Philippe Luchsinger. Also Nicolas Galladé, Chairman of the social Department of the city of Winterthur ZH, notes: “Many people need to draw a social security benefit because they are too sick for today’s labour market, but “too healthy” for a disability pension.”

Markus Kaufmann is the managing Director of the Swiss conference for social assistance (Skos), the many cities and municipalities are members. Members to report to it regularly, and that you need to support more health of contaminated persons. He is therefore convinced: “more and more people end up on social services, which are initially advised because of your health in Need.” Merchant’s conclusion: “The IV is at least partially redeveloped at the cost of social assistance.”

No scientific data

The Federal government is defending itself against these allegations. BSV-speaker’s son, categorically States: “The IV explains anyone arbitrarily to be healthy, but to clarify the health problems of the people, as well as the resulting limitation of the earning capacity in each individual case thoroughly.”

And as the Federal social insurance office explains the fact that the number of IV-pensioners and recipients of social assistance in opposite directions developed? Son: “This says nothing about whether there is a connection, a causality.” There is no evidence.

However, the Confederation may also present no scientifically based data that a connection not be mutually exclusive.

son admits so: “The data situation is unsatisfactory.” The Problem is that the sources of income would have to be followed by a large number of people over a long time, in detail, in order to develop meaningful data.

However, improvement is in sight: “The BSV is working on a research project that will allow us to make more meaningful statements about the effective processes between the IV and social assistance.” Preliminary results were expected for the first half of 2020.

Next week, the competent Council of States Commission debated the “development of the IV”. Focus on children, young people and the mentally Ill are. The Federal Council intends to take new measures to prevent disability and to promote inclusion. Young people should in the future be granted a pension, when all measures are exhausted to the inclusion. The need to increase incentives to work and less incentive for a pension.

The Federal Council had not created the template explicitly as saving a template – which, however, was not to the liking of the national Council, which dealt with them in the spring as the first Council: The Grand chamber decided to reduce the payments for the children of IV-Recipients of sensitive. The Council of States should follow suit, would be the average so-called children’s pensions in the future, at 400 instead of 530 francs.

You might think that the abbreviation IV stand for “immensely suspicious”.

As the Federal government in Bern in the summer of 1959, the institution of the disability insurance was discussed, it was feared that the medical Association FMH: “pension neurotics and Antisocials pounce on all available support funds.”

With reference to these concerns, the responsible Federal councillor Philipp Etter pleaded not to be recognised, the barriers to the receipt of a pension to deep. Under this condition, the disability was insurance on the 1. January, 1960 the way introduced.

In the election campaign of 2003, the SVP imported from Germany, the word “certificate invalid”. It was the political Coup of the decade. The party swept the elections, and later mandated the Federal Council, Parliament and voting population of the IV, a very much stricter Regime. In particular, people with mental Suffering have since been harder to be as sick recognized.

the number of IV-receiver goes back, not surprised there. Social Affairs Minister Alain Berset will be happy – and publicly announce: “The IV has successfully shifted from a pension to a integration insurance.”

In fact, introduced by the Federal social insurance office, a couple of instruments to detect persons with a disability risk at an early stage and to keep in the world of work.

no one can argue with. On The Contrary! How effective these efforts are, however, the extent to which the has become IV effectively to the integration of insurance: This is not a question that can be answered by the Federal government.

It is a strong piece: The authorities have dispensed over the years aware of on a professional and comprehensive Controlling of the measures. You don’t even want to know what the social consequences of the recent tightening of the IV are the individual, which. The main thing, it has fewer recipients.

there were early signs that it is not the Integration into the labour market so far. For a long time the evidence that many of the Affected land is now just in the social assistance are increasing. The whole Exercise is ultimately little more than a zero-sum game. In 2014, the OECD wrote in a report on the Swiss social system: “The recent rise in social assistance recipients is partly a consequence of the tightening of access to IV-benefits.”

of Course, came and abuse in the social works is. Also it is clear that abuse must not be tolerated. That doesn’t give the Federal government the right to play in turn with marked cards and to celebrate successes that are simply not possible to prove.

The cynical deception at the expense of the Weakest.

The Federal social insurance office praised now improvement. Apparently you are working on a comprehensive analysis of the relationship between IV and social assistance.

results of Up to in fact, apply to the responsible authorities as a “hugely suspicious”.