The Italians made Russian

UAZ-2206, popularly known by the nickname “Loaf” is one of the favorite vehicles for travelling on the road, but to fit him for life by the owners. The European fan-wheel drive vehicle will help the Italian Studio Moltomeno Design.

the Tuners have developed a kit that allows you to turn the “Loaf” into a full-fledged camper yourself in any garage. Keith received the name of Matrioska and was developed with a focus on operational as installation and liquidation: the minibus can be done by enabling only temporarily, for the duration of the trip.

To install the equipment required to remove three existing in the interior of the SUV factory seat in their place is a folding bed. When folded, it functions as a dining table, and in a state of “combat readiness” turns into a bed measuring 120×200 cm

in addition, the kit includes accessories for kitchen organization with 65-litre fridge, gas hob with 2 rings, sink for dishes and tanks for potable and technical water. Finally, there are several cabinets for storing food, utensils and belongings of the travelers, and one folding element of the regiment, able to turn into an external table.

All components of the tuning kit when not in use, can be packaged in “brick” size 75х80х175 cm and transported on the included cart. To install the same “camper” by estimates of developers will take approximately 99 minutes – except for the 21 minutes that are required for disassembly of the seats. The base cost of the “Dolls” without a refrigerator – 7 450 euros (just over 600 thousand rubles).

Text: Avtovesti