The Italian scenario is frightening, but Johnson promises to banish coronavirus

In the UK the number of people infected with coronavirus COVID-19 passed for 3,200 people, more 140 died. The United Kingdom authorities have recognized the need for urgent action and prepared to restrict traffic.

In London, preparing to close the subway stations. City officials believe that if Londoners are less likely to use public transport, the coronavirus will be easier to fight.

March 20, will close two metro lines. The government of Boris Johnson are working on plans for a total quarantine. To maintain law and order in London is ready to connect about 20 thousand soldiers and reservists. But the final decision is pulled, although it may happen in the coming days.

“it Will be hard, but if it is necessary, what can be done,” responds to such action, the seller of Newspapers Maria.

While they enjoy freedom of movement and communication cafes and restaurants here, no closed, except that a separate network is switched to the operation mode take-out only. The Italian Alberto and his friend from Croatia enjoy English Ales.

– cheers!

each just in case in your pocket protection from coronavirus.

“I carry antibacterial gel, we carry around gloves” — says Renato.

“We know the dangers, but now after work I decided to take a pint,” explains Alberto.

– You that, did not bother with this whole situation with coronavirus?

“No, I’m very concerned. I have reason, because I’m Italian, and my parents are just there, where now a nightmare. I’m concerned, but fear I have not” — says a resident of the Apennines.

No severe restrictions from the authorities explicitly discouraged those who belong to the current crisis with skepticism.

“A lot of people are already sick and recovered, because they have a normal immune system. So it all depends. And what you do now the world is crazy,” says another.

From this day in the UK closed all schools canceled spring exams. From the government now demand to know and when they will eventually pass. Clear answer is no. The Prime Minister said that Britain will win the virus within three months.

“I think if we take all the planned steps, we will be able to reverse the situation in 12 weeks, I am absolutely sure that we will be able to expel the coronavirus of our country,” says Boris Johnson.

At the Russian Embassy in London formed a crisis headquarters. Consulate from March 23 stops daily intake of visitors, but for those who need extra help door is always open.

“an Emergency, in particular, those relating to Russian citizens: documents preparation, departure for emergency circumstances — it all works. The main task now to preserve the health of the Embassy, and not miss a virus in the team,” explained the Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland Andrey Kelin.

the head of the British Ministry of health Matt Hancock said the government urgently has purchased over two million protective masks and ten thousand bottles with a disinfectant composition. These statements were made in a time when the number of victims of coronavirus in Italy has reached 3 thousand 405 people and exceeded the number of deaths in China. Such a scenario in Europe today scares everyone.