The Italian foreign Minister has called for protest actions in the country

Italian foreign Minister and former leader of the “Movement 5 stars” has urged citizens to go out next weekend to protest against the government that once again signaled a new period of political instability in Italy.

according to The Guardian, Luigi Di Maio said that the Italian people should come out to protest peacefully on the streets of Rome as the authorities want to cancel “our laws”.

last year, Italy was able to negotiate a coalition between the “5 star Movement” and the center-left Democratic party that prevented the holding of new elections, which could defeat the far-right “League”.

Subsequently, the coalition has weakened due to declining support of the “Movement 5 stars” and permanently retiring from her elected representatives.

the Party “5 star Movement” has surprised everyone by winning national elections in March 2018, 33% of the vote. However, the party was not as successful in running the country, and the leader of the “League” started to take advantage of that to double the support of his party.

“Movement 5 stars” has also lost more than half their voters in 2018 after defeats in recent regional elections in Emilia-Romagna and Calabria.

the Author of a book about the history of the party “5 star Movement” Jacopo Iacoboni said that the call Di Maio for protests was an attempt to remind the policy early ideals.

Di Maio, who resigned as party leader in January amid internal problems, said that the government plans to abandon the policy of reduction of pensions of former deputies. The initiative for the curtailment of parliamentary privileges have joined in the “Movement 5 stars” and “the League”.

the Former leader also said that the government intends to abolish the universal basic income, another key policy that was deployed last year after a fierce battle in the formation of the budget policies of the European Union.

Politicians to the miditaut that nostalgia motivates the 33-year-old politician as he tries to revive the angry spirit movement, which attracted many supporters, when it burst on the scene in 2009, eventually becoming the most influential political force in the country.