a Complex of defensive works around Petersburg began to build Peter the great just a year after the founding of the Northern capital, in 1704. Until the beginning of the First world war, they maintained their original purpose, and today the FORTS of Kronstadt – a sample of fortification art of world significance.

it is possible to study how the development of artillery and the defensive strategy of our country as a whole.

Now monuments of history and architecture of Kronstadt augmented with new objects, linking history and modernity.

the Lighthouse of memory immortalized the names of 200 heroes of the sailors since the era of Peter I to the present day, surrounds his Garden of memory: 54 willow trees, 20 Apple trees and 15 the pines, according to the authors of the concept of the Park will serve as a “living reminder of the military doctors who gave their lives in the performance of military and medical duty during the war.”

Semantic and architectural center of the “Island FORTS” is the Alley of heroes of the Russian Navy – a kind of memory road, which tells about the three-century history of the Russian Navy in General, and about the deeds of particular heroes-sailors.

But one only educational function of the role of the new “island” is not limited. There are playgrounds and quiet areas of relaxation, rope Park & panorama of the swing, a pond and a food court. Main theme – the sea.

– We have tried to meet the basic needs of future Park visitors, – said the member of the working group on the development of Kronstadt Xenia Shoigu.

the “Island FORTS” will be expanded in 2024, the Park will have an innovative engineering centre will be available to the restored Fort “Kronshlot”, “Peter” and “Emperor Alexander I”.

By 2025, will open the aquarium – educational-entertainment complex with a Museum of flora and fauna of the Northern seas of Russia, yacht Marina and the sea port and all-weather cable car to the Fort “Emperor Alexander I”.