the Island is horse island (Horse Island) off the West coast of Ireland, bought at random in 6.3 million dollars. It was purchased by the ultra-Europeans, who had not even visited the facility, but limited videotron. This writes CNBC.

the New owner was unknown related to the category of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI). So called people with extra large net capital — their income is more than $ 30 million. The search for suitable property began in December 2019.

horse island, an area of 63.5 hectares, in the mid-nineteenth century copper mining. Then the workers left it, and regained the island for the German specialist fitness Gert Kolbel in the 1980s. the Last owner put the horse island for sale in 2018.

the island has three sandy beach, where seals and other wildlife. At the moment, on horse island, there are seven houses: the main house is 418 square meters with six bedrooms, two guest houses with three bedrooms, a couple of houses with two bedrooms and two cottages with one bedroom.

Also on site there is a pier, a helipad, a gym and a tennis court. The island has electricity, water and sewage. Paved roads provide access to all parts of horse island.