visitor to the bar in Ireland in the first day of the institution after the weakening of quarantine measures ordered 42 pints of beer in just over an hour and a half, writes the Dublin Live.

order confirmation receipt photographed in the hotel bar Darnley Lodge Hotel in Athboy, an hour’s drive from Dublin. It contains 42 pints of Guinness for the sum of 189 euros (about 15 thousand rubles), as well as two bowls of soup, appetizer and a coke. According to a hotel employee, although abnormally a lot of beer bought by one person, drinking it including other people.

similar situations reported from bars throughout Ireland. So, in one of the institutions whose location is not specified, the visitor at once ordered 31 a pint of beer for about 183 euros, and at a bar on the outskirts of Dublin spoke about ordering one person 72 pints of beer with a total cost of 340 Euro. It is noted that the customers leaning on the alcohol, cost with virtually no snacks.

About half of the bars and pubs in Ireland was opened on 29 June, writes the Mirror. The schools established stringent conditions for submission of orders to customers, and to visitors to be inside not more than 1 hour 45 minutes. In the UK the pubs will be open July 4.