The IOC did not exclude the possibility of the cancellation of the Olympic games in 2020 due to coronavirus

the IOC has not ruled out the possibility of canceling the 2020 Olympics because of the coronavirus the IOC has not ruled out the possibility of canceling the 2020 Olympics because of the coronavirus
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the international Olympic Committee (IOC) because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus in may to consider the cancellation of the summer Olympics 2020 to be held in Tokyo from 24 July to 9 August. However, while the training is going according to plan.

IOC Member Richard pound said in an interview with the Associated Press that the Games-2020 can be withdrawn if the situation with the new coronavirus will not decline in the next two months.

“Definitely everything will be decided in the next two months, i.e. by may. Then begin the final stage of preparation for the Games, run multiple processes, security, equipment, food, hotels, studios for the media. As long as everything goes according to plan. The athletes should concentrate on training, but let them be sure that the IOC won’t make them compete in a pandemic,” said pound.

Olympic official also said that the IOC will not consider moving the Games-2020 to a different date or in another location, as there are no cities that can be prepared in such a short time. Holding of competitions in different locations is also impossible, as “it will be a series of world Championships and will not meet the Olympic games”, said TASS.

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the world health organization declared the outbreak of diseasesia caused by a novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), the emergency situation on an international scale, describing as an epidemic, with many lesions. In Japan, this disease has killed 4 people in China – more than 2.5 thousand.

championship of Europe on football is also under threat

Meanwhile, the European football Union (UEFA) is not considering the abolition of the Euro 2020, but is monitoring the situation with coronavirus. Vice-President of UEFA Michel UVA stated that the question of cancellation of the championship of the continent will be considered only in case of deterioration of the situation.

“We are in the process of waiting, watching the situation in each country. The competitions will be terminated only in case of deterioration of the situation”, – quotes the official to Reuters.

the championship of Europe 2020 needs to go from 12 June to 12 July on the territory of 11 countries of the continent.