“much of the responsibility for the preparation and proper introduction of labeling in the regions will be on the head of the region, – said Deputy Minister of industry and trade Viktor Evtukhov. – To prepare the market for these innovations, the Russian government set up a headquarters to monitor the situation regarding the introduction of labelling of products.

Monitoring the readiness of the transition to the new rules of work are conducted every week. According evtuhova, go to mandatory labeling of tobacco products and shoes ready in most regions of the country. Market participants once again let me remind you that it is necessary to register in GIS system “Marking”.

special attention to the introduction of compulsory labelling of medicines. Important task – to prevent any shortage of drugs. “Mandatory labeling will allow you to control the targeted delivery of drugs purchased at the expense of the state budget for those categories of citizens, which provide medications free of charge or on preferential terms. Labeling will allow you to track the misuse of drugs, as well as to provide your consumers the ability to test the legality of drugs”, – explained the first Deputy Minister of industry and trade of Russia Sergey Tsyb.

Marking of tobacco, shoes and medicines from 1 July 2020 will become mandatory for manufacturers, importers, distributors, and will also apply to wholesale and retail trade, pharmacies and medical organizations. All market participants must register in the state system of marking and tracing “Honest sign”.

it requires special software and an electronic digital signature. Trace the path of goods from producer to buyer will allow digital Data Matrix codes – are plotted on a pack, pack, pack. By scanning the code with a mobile app, customers will be able to learn all the necessary information about the product, test it before buying to make sure quality.