If in a long time was a lack of respect for the coronavirus all over the world, so it is very much reversed now. It is in some areas on the border to the panicked actions.

It is especially in the area of protective equipment, such as mundbind that the world’s major nations right now smoking in combat with each other.

the UNITED states will be of the germans accused of ‘modern piracy’, and it is not just a single nation, who is not satisfied with the americans ‘ behavior in the market for protective equipment.

The latest story is about 200.000 masks, which according to the germans should have gone to the German police. Instead they ended up in the hands of the americans. It writes The Guardian.

It is the authorities in Berlin, shows the discontent and the secretary of the interior for the state of Berlin, Andreas Geisel, is the man who accuses americans of ‘modern piracy’.

“This is in no way how you should deal with transatlantic partners. Even in these times of global crisis should one not use methods from the wild west,” he says.

The american company 3M, which has received the order from the chinese manufacturers, reject that it should be sent to the German police.

Other local authorities in countries such as France and Brazil also expresses dissatisfaction over the way the americans behave on the market.

“I found a consignment of masks were available, and americans, I’m not talking about the american government, but americans outbid us. They offered three times the price, and proposed to pay with the same. I can’t do it. I use the taxpayers ‘ money, and I can only pay when they are delivered, and we have ensured the quality,” says Valérie Pécresse from the French region of Île-de-France to BFMTV.

A second shipment was packed and ready to facilitate against France, when the americans came in and outbid.

the Showdown on the market are now several called ‘mask of war’, and it comes at a time when the americans refuse to send some of the protective equipment they produce to neighbouring countries such as Canada and Latin america.

The canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau described the decision as a ‘mistake’, after which he also recalled that the americans also purchase goods of canadian producers.

It can therefore come to bite US in the neck if they do not want to trade with other countries.

the Prices of protective equipment is the pressure so high in the air, and it has happened several times that the americans outbid themselves in the market.

Andrew Cuomo, who is governor in New York says it is ‘as if to be on eBay with 50 other states’.

President Donald Trump has made no secret that he would make sure that the UNITED states has what they need to get through the corona-the crisis. If you ask some of the other big countries, so it will be done in a way that damages the rest of the world.

the UNITED states has almost a quarter of a million citizens, who have been tested positive for the coronavirus. It is by far the most in the world.