The interior Ministry will publish unique archives about the involvement of the police in the second world war

it is Noted that in the coming 55 days before the Victory Day in the framework of this action the employees of internal Affairs bodies and their children will prepare and record a video with stories about their families – veterans of the great Patriotic war. Help them Internet portals “Feat of the people” and “memory of the nation”, which opened a wide access to information about dead and missing servicemen, their military ways, the courage and heroism reflected in the premium pages of the war years. “The video stories will be posted in the official accounts of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia and territorial bodies in social networks with the hashtag #Apany, #Agorius, #of Lugaresi,” – said the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia major-General Irina the Wolf.

the Start of the campaign on the last day of February gave the employees of the Moscow police. They held a lesson of Patriotic education in city Shchyolkovo in the Center of creative development and humanitarian education “Romantic” for the students of the class of future police officers. To visit the school children came to the head of the Department of information and public relations GU MVD of Russia across Moscow region the Colonel of internal service, Tatiana Petrova.

Photo: Alexey kudenko/RIA Novosti the Kremlin said about the continuation of preparations for the Victory day Parade

From the stage sounded poignant stories of boys and girls of the exploits of their relatives, past war, and it was also demonstrated by a story on video of the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina the Wolf about her grandfather, guard Sergeant Alexey Vladimirovich Wolf. Students also showed a documentary film about the work of the police during the war, the rollers “memory of the nation” and “Flipping through the memory book” – about those who fought in 1941-45. the enforcement officers Shchyolkovo.

“the guest of honor was a military pilot veteran Petr KuzMIC Shelokhayev. He shared memories with students about the war, spoke about the terrible trials that befell his generation, and urged the youth to never forget at what cost our country got the Victory. The special atmosphere at the event was created by students of the art school of the city district Shchyolkovo”, – told in the press centre of MIA of Russia.

the same day, performed by children’s musical groups performed Patriotic songs and songs of military years. The event ended with a procession and laying flowers at a memorial to police officers killed in the line of duty.