The interior Ministry said about a new way of stealing money of customers of banks

“a New way to steal money from Bank accounts is the creation and use of mirror site of the Bank – quoted by TASS press centre of MIA of Russia. – Such a method is possible in the case when the victim enjoys the personal Cabinet on the website of the Bank.”

it is Noted that the criminals create a website whose address and appearance of the pages approximately coincides with those of the official website of the Bank. “If a person when logging on to your Bank website does not use the saved link, and gaining the Bank’s name into a search engine, he usually offers several options. If he gets on the mirror website, then enter login details for personal account can be exploited, going later to the present site on behalf of the victim”, – explained in the police is the essence of the fraudulent scheme.

Photo: iStock the Scammers often steal the points with the discount cards of Russians

After the criminals transfer money from the account of the victim’s personal account, or connecting to his account of service “mobile Bank” on your number.

the Main symptom that the client went to the fake website of the Bank, said the interior Ministry, is that after entering username and password on the page displayed on the maintenance of the website please contact the website at a later date.

in addition to the phone is not receiving SMS from Bank about entering your personal profile, when this form of warning is provided.

“In these cases should immediately contact the Bank by phone of “hot line” and block the account. Unlock it with the password change will be possible with a personal visit to the Bank branch with a passport and a map” – said the interior Ministry.

According to police, the number of theft of money from accounts of Bank customers in Russia is growing every year. Such fraud can be divided into two types. First, through social engineering techniques that do not require special knowledge and technical means (the Bank’s customer himself gives fraudsters the necessary information). The second, by the secret intrusion of the smartphone or computer malicious software, which then secretly collects information about the connected remote banking services and the team of the offender withdraws the funds.

Earlier it was reported that in 2019, the country had committed almost 300 thousand so-called IT-crimes (using different information technologies). It turned out that this figure showed a monstrous dynamics – the 2018 kibermoshennichestvo was committed 68.5 percent smaller.