However, according to RBC, in the interior Ministry, this idea is not supported. The Department felt that existing measures to combat new types of crimes. RBC quoted a letter of the acting head of the Department of information technology, communications and information security of Ministry of internal Affairs Yury vojnova (which includes a “K”) of the Ministry of communications. It is argued that the proposal “will lead to the implementation of the Ministry of internal Affairs of unusual functions and distraction of personnel of internal Affairs bodies of law enforcement”.

Indeed, today already provides for criminal liability for theft, including SIM cards, if the value of the stolen property exceeds 2.5 thousand rubles. And the so-called social engineering, in fact – the same way the theft of money by getting access to your passwords, banking data and other sensitive information. And phishing – a kind of social engineering, when fraud produces malicious newsletter on behalf of the Bank. These methods of cyber attacks – the methods of theft, the punishment for them are spelled out in the articles “Theft”, “Fraud”, “Fraud in the sphere of computer information” and “Fraud with use of means of payment”. And why produce new articles?

with regard to criminal liability for bonding bills, there is, according to experts of the Ministry of interior, it is necessary to adjust the criteria for determining counterfeit currency. For what to punish? Because of the production of banknotes for the purpose of sale includes a clause. But when in the examination of banknotes for authenticity takes into account a limited number of criteria, including the forgery of a series of rooms and other design elements. And punish the man who is not forged, but only glued real, but accidentally torn bill?

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