The interior Ministry of Germany about the shooting in Hanau: you need to change the rules

the Result of the massacre by the radical German Hanau can be a tightening of the rules for carrying weapons in Germany. This opinion was expressed by the Minister of interior of Germany, Horst Seehofer. In an interview with Bild the Minister also noted the importance of conducting regular tests to check the mental health of gun owners.

the Initiative to tighten rules for gun ownership in Germany arose after a resident of Hanau shot this week nine people in two of hookah. Presumably, the assailant was suffering from a mental disorder, had a permit for the possession of arms, issued in 2013. Later the shooter shot his mother and committed suicide.

Now, in Germany there are regular medical inspections of gun owners. An application for the purchase of the “trunk” may be submitted by any citizen of Germany. It is possible to specify any reason for the acquisition: from collectibles to sports shooting and hunting.

the Compulsory psychologist-psychiatric examination are the only persons under the age of 25 and then only in case of suspicion for a possible mental disorder. Against such liberal rules long advocated the Association of German psychologists, the newspaper notes.

the Minister was supported by the representative of the Social democratic party of Germany Helga Lind. He also considers it necessary to toughen the laws on issuing and carrying weapons.

last year, the German extremists staged a shooting near the synagogue and a Turkish diner in Galle, killing two people. Previously at the hands of neo-Nazi killed the head of the district administration of Kassel, Walter lübke.