The interior Ministry has proposed to expand the network of visa and passport services

As explained in Department, in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia is the Federal state enterprise – Federal state unitary enterprise “Passport-visa service”. It is the only state enterprise, the main activities are the provision of physical and legal entities with information and consulting services in the field of migration, and the provision of services for registration statements and other documents filed with the interior Ministry while receiving state services.

In St. Petersburg, reduced the number of labour migrants

for Example, in passport-visa service, it is easy and comfortable to execute documents for a passport. “The company has branches in 53 regions of the Russian Federation, including in 44 regions p PREDPRIYATIE is authorized by the relevant subjects of the Russian Federation by the organization to assist in the provision of public services on registration and issuance of patents,” says the Russian interior Ministry.

At the same time the Ministry of the interior annually provides more than 65 million state services in the sphere of migration, of which about 27 million services are provided to foreign nationals. The Ministry stressed that the improvement of migration legislation increases the number of foreign nationals wishing to live and work in the Russian Federation.

“So, in 2019, a number of Federal laws providing for the simplification of the procedure for providing certain categories of foreign citizens of a temporary residence permit and residence permit and provision for foreign nationals – qualified specialists to the Russian Federation citizenship in a simplified procedure,” says the Agency.

Foreigners are not allowed to leave Russia.

Also, recently the government Commission on legislative activities considered another draft law that simplifies obtaining Russian citizenship for a number of categories of foreigners. For example, foreign spouses of Russian citizens theyElsie married common children and living on the territory of our country, can obtain citizenship in a simplified manner.

Humane changes in law lead to the fact that the load on the MVD increases. Appear different and those who try to cash in on the migrants. According to representatives of law enforcement, illegal commercial organizations frequently use in their work fraudulent scheme. Simply put, pledging aid in the paperwork, take the money, but no help.

to Cut off illegal middlemen and swindlers is only one way to make getting government services as simple procedure. For this purpose it is proposed to extend the network of visa and passport services. “It seems appropriate amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation, providing for the expansion of practice of attraction to assist in the provision of public services in the field of migration FGUP “Passport-visa service” of the Ministry of interior, as well as the authorized organizations of subjects of the Russian Federation in the regions with population more than 10 million people”, explained the project developers.

Photo: Nicholas Berenjena / Komsomolskaya Pravda How migrants Russia can become the birthplace of the

According to them, it is expected to attract the “Passport-visa service” and authorized organizations to assist in the implementation of the authority to provide public services in the field of migration. For example, they will be able to accept applications for visas, invitations, permits for temporary residence, residence permits, permits for conducting labor activities. Also passport and visa service and, judging by the explanatory postCI created the regional authorities of the organization will help in the design of the passport will assist in the photographing of applicants and mandatory state fingerprint registration.

“at the same time plan and their assistance in receiving applications for Russian citizenship, notifications about the presence of Russian citizens of another nationality or on the termination they have foreign citizenship, as well as notifications related to the stay (residence) of foreign citizens and of their employment,” says the interior Ministry.

by the Way, in 2019 the branches of FSUE “Passport and visa service” of the Ministry of interior provided 801,5 thousand services in the area of migration. Of them: 579 thousand services on patents 222,5 thousand services of information and Advisory nature.