The interior Ministry has prepared amendments to the strategy of combating extremism

the Draft amendments published on the official portal of projects of normative-legal acts. That offer law enforcement?

Photo: Alexei Druzhinin/press-service of the Russian President/TASS Kolokoltsev said the number of identified extremist materials on the Internet

the Basic idea of the amendment was to consider hosting and organizing public events inconsistent among the most serious manifestations of extremism. Judging by the text of the document, separated by a comma with such offence, as the organization of uncoordinated actions, will be the preparation of a terrorist act and the preparation and conduct of the riots.

Such a proposal is understandable. After all, even the organizers “just walking” refuses to give assurances that they gathered, the crowd will continue peacefully “walk” or begin to smash Windows, throw something at police and overturn cars.

the Ministry’s Lawyers, who worked on the amendments, argue that the organization of unauthorized procession or calls to go out without the permission of the city authorities seriously destabilisateur the situation in the country, and the organizers “deliberately initiate riots” on unsanctioned rallies. By the way, it’s good to be seen on the footage, which was filmed at such events as the police themselves, the inconsistent walkers. Such records are always visible people artificially warming up the crowd and urging to go forward. It is true that these citizens, then when will “raise the degree” quietly fade into the background.

the Concern is the participation in promotions of teenagers

the document stresses that of particular concern is the participation in mass actions of minors. Teenagers convene specially in social networks. According to the authors of the amendments, the organizers of uncoordinated events attractivet not only the ability to easily influence young people, but also that the students who called on the street “pobuzit”, often not subject to criminal liability. And that the police “grabbed the child” will scream long and loud. The amendment stresses that impact on young and foreign intelligence agencies with the goal of “destruction of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values”. To counteract this you must, as stated in the amendments, “activities that foster respect for people of all nationalities and religions”.