The interior Minister of Britain can dismiss for abuse of subordinates

Such revelations about the behavior of the head of the home office shared recently dismissed out sir Philip Rutnam, who also said he would serve on the Agency to court for unfair dismissal. Opponents of the ruling conservatives, labour, require to remove Patel from the post. Although the head of the British Cabinet repeatedly stated that it fully trusts the Minister, on investigation concerning possible inappropriate conduct he agreed.

the head of the Ministry of health in Britain appreciated the measures to protect the doctors from the aggression of patients

The more that apart from the statements Ratnam do have something to learn. The very next day after the start of the investigation against Patel in the BBC reported that the aggressive behaviour towards subordinates accuse her of is not the first time. In 2014, when Patel was not yet the Minister of internal Affairs, one of her closest aides was allegedly written complaint to the boss, saying that he was always humiliated and was literally poisoning her. Statement women no one considered would not, and the employee in a year was fired, explaining that Mrs. Patel “didn’t like her face”. After that, the now former assistant allegedly tried to commit suicide, but to no avail. When the woman threatened Patel submit it to the court, and subsequently received from the government 25 thousand pounds (about 2 million), as suggested by the journalists, for silence.

True or false – will be explored by the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers. The opposition insists that these were made by independent experts, and Patel during the investigation resigned from the post of Minister of internal Affairs. The head of the home office denies his guilt, and according to her representative, she knew nothing about the complaint filed against her by her former assistant.