The entry is a quote: “you can not give a contract participants the right to change the contract unilaterally. You give him the right to have the contract herein.”

The Basel SP-Nationalrat Beat Jans said this on Thursday during the debate on the controversial insurance contract act (VVG). The majority in the national Council shared his opinion, maybe just because we’re in an election year.

But glad it is lure too early. First, the with many insurance lobbyists must be put through the Council of States. And secondly, the devil is in the small print. Insurance companies can continue to write to their General terms and conditions, unless provided for expressly in the contract.

let us Turn, therefore, those changes which serve to supposedly protect the consumer. Thus, insurance customers should receive the right to 14 days after the signature of the contract. You can so, dear readers, can confidently sign the contract, afterwards a few thoughts about a couple of nights to sleep on it and then, without giving reasons to the insurance agent open, that you were not actually interested at all.

Learning Bazaar

Hello, where are we? Many years ago I was a tour guide in Tunisia. Has agreed a Tourist with the carpet dealer after prolonged Haggling on a price that was usually about 50 percent below the originally quoted price, the trader said that price was only applicable if you buy immediately.

I said to the guests, to not fall to such sales tricks, don’t rush and buy time.

In Switzerland, is anchored in Oriental business. Although it is intended to give insurance brokers the urge of the consumer to the immediate conclusion of the contract.

this Is but one reason, in the case of insurance contracts, a 14-day return policy to introduce, as we know it in the case of door-to-door sales? Mature people should know that the signature must be considered under a major contract. You must be able to say to the seller: I want to sleep on it, think about it. It should feel none, therefore, offended.

An insult, it is not a maximum, if you trust me as a mündigem citizens, the consequences of a Treaty signing to assess. It is also a question of self-responsibility. For Stephan Fuhrer, Professor of private insurance law at the University of Basel, is by the way, overestimated the importance of this right to object.

What was decided on Thursday, what would have for us consumers any real benefits? Well-known would be lost on me.