The injured have been ordered to report

Notification of the elaboration of the relevant document placed on the portal of projects of normative legal acts

the fact that in October last year entered into force amendments to the law about OSAGO according to which the driver purchases an e-policy that can present not only a copy, printed on paper, but in electronic form. For example, on a smartphone. Appropriate changes were made to the Rules of the road. However, in administrative regulations remained outdated wording . Them and asked to correct the new order of the interior Ministry.

on February 17 of this year entered into force amendments to the law on police. According to them now the police are obliged to inform a close relative or a close person of the victim about the action taken or care about the direction of this victim to a medical organization. It is clear that we are talking not only about the victims of bullying. But those who have suffered in road accident.

has Also been expanded a circle of persons, the right to a phone call which is provided to the detainee. After all the delay including the worst offenders of traffic Rules. However, all of these items in the current administrative procedure no. The development of a new order – essentially bringing it in line with the law.