The Numbers are frightening: in The heat of the summer of 2018 at a cost, in Switzerland a minimum of 200 people. Already the heat of the summer of 2003 and 2015, provided hundreds of heat-related deaths, according to an analysis by the Federal office for the environment (FOEN) shows. Affected especially the elderly.

But it gets worse: With climate change, temperatures are rising. Both heat as well as dry periods are likely to increase in the summer, warns the FOEN. This means that the heat of the summer will be the normal case.

For the cities, this means nothing Good: you are always Glutöfen stronger. Because concrete and Asphalt store heat, add the density of buildings, the waste heat from buildings, little Vegetation and air pollutants. The FOEN, speaks of “urban heat Islands”.

trees instead of Asphalt.

A passport to the future for the organization Umverkehr, which demanded that once the traffic in half. She now wants to launch in several cities people’s initiatives in order to ensure less grey and more Green. “Trees instead of Asphalt,” is the Motto of the environmentalists.

“We want to convert a part of the road space into green space to make the cities of for residents, tolerant of heat,” says Umverkehr-managing Director Silas Hobi (34) to a VIEW. It is clear to him: “Our Initiative can save lives.”

twin Initiative in the Pipeline

Specifically, the environmentalists are planning a twin-Initiative. The first one runs under the title of “Good-air Initiative”. “With this, we put in the Overheating of cities,” says Hobi. The cities should take measures “for the protection of the population from the negative effects of climate warming, such as, in particular, against heat days and tropical nights”.

the municipalities of the city to land your own Road – this includes Parking – in areas for trees and green spaces to convert. The current draft provides that during ten years, an area of “at least one percent of the entire road surface of” greened should be.

“A tree does in its local environment, a temperature difference of five to seven degrees,” said Hobi. “Trees are evidence of change the climate in the city. Our Initiative will ensure that our cities stay cool.”

More space for pedestrians and cyclists

Clearly, the initiators, but also For pedestrian and Bicycle traffic and for public transport there should be more space. You are asking for in your second request. “With this future Initiative, we focus on the causes of climate change. We want to reduce CO2 emissions in road traffic,” said Hobi.

should be converted for a period of ten years, in One-percent increments of the road surface “in meeting and recreational areas, foot and bike paths and separate Bus and tram lanes”.

Still, it is speculative designs, such as Hobi emphasized. The percentages could still change. But already on 9. November, the Umverkehr to give the General Assembly the green light for the new project. The launch of the signature collection is likely to fall in the second quarter of 2020.

From Zurich to Geneva,

Launched in the desire to be in the larger cities. “In the foreground of Zurich, Winterthur, St. Gallen, Lucerne, Basel and Geneva,” said Hobi for us. Where exactly are the initiatives to be launched, depends also from the local partner organizations.

Possibly even more cities could be added. Because: “The urban space comes from the growth in population are increasingly under pressure, at the same time, more and more urbanites abandon their own car,” said Hobi. “With our Initiative we want to distribute the road space only new, but also fair.”