a Resident of Sochi Tatiana told the newspaper, what has now become a holiday in the famous resort. They noted that in early June the beaches were empty and the town was quiet, but gradually the situation began to change. Queues began to line up at the hotels in Krasnaya Polyana, and then the tourists flocked in droves to the waterfalls.

a lot of people go to the tower on the mountain Ahun. But finally Tatiana has finished turn in the tavern – people lined up to order. “Oh, and edalnyh institutions in the city enough,” she said.

Now she stopped going to the beach – there is too loud shouting, also appeared specific DJ who is constantly screaming in microfoon. Most people checked into hotels in the Imeretinskaya lowland. There in the rush hour on the beaches even formed a “soup people”.

Local residents believe that tourists leave a lot of garbage, and sewage treatment plants because they are deteriorating. “Not a day goes by below in social networks is not a video like couples having sex in the booth dressing or even directly on the swings on the beach, in the eyes of the astonished audience,” said Tatiana. And then there’s a coronavirus, a threat which has not yet passed.

the Woman wished people to come to Sochi in masks, do not litter and are not satisfied with the sex on the beaches.

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