What miracle pereselenie the state, where more than 1.3 billion people, and the city is full of slums, sung by Bollywood, was among the least affected by CОVID-19 countries? India saved a bet on rigid insulation and batons, say some. Coronavirus is powerless against ancient magic and astrology, believe others. “Spark” has tried to find out who is right.Evgeny Pakhomov, offset. TASS in new Delhi- for “Light”It, of course, about the wonders of the relative. In India, of course, too sick — to the middle of last week here it was revealed more than 50 thousand cases of coronavirus infection (increase in average of 3 thousand a day) by Thursday recorded more than 1,700 dead. Another thing is that for a billionth of the country these figures are, to put it mildly, critical. Especially if you compare the percentage with the affected countries of the West — the USA, Italy, Spain…On the causes of this dispute and the experts, and the press. There is an opinion that the worst is yet to come, and not only in India, they say, the virus will be considered in the autumn. Talking about the fact that not all patients revealed — no one would do tests for coronavirus in the innumerable Indian villages? There is a special approach — it’s all about ancient knowledge, astrology for example. Supposedly, the Indians their secrets just don’t open!No matter how events developed further, skeptics can be considered, managed to bring at least the fact that developments in the Italian scenario of India escaped, although in the early years of her Western experts (including intelligence community) predicted worst-case scenario. In Indian villages do not make massive tests, but the main breeding-grounds of disease was a major city — “red” (the most dangerous) areas today new Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, but in the villages the situation is better. What you can argue. And you can call my name the main Indian secret — rapid and strict isolation.”Forget how to go outside!”The Prime Minister of India in a televised address to the nation on March 24 announced that the country since March 25 will be closed for three weeks. “To save India, save every citizen, to save his family, don’t step outside of his house. Within 21 days forget how to go out”— called Narendra modi.Stopped passenger trains, long distance buses. Cancelled passenger flights. Don’t work the markets, shopping malls, cinema halls, schools, colleges, clubs. It is forbidden to assemble in groups. Everything was closed: only worked hospitals, pharmacies, grocery shops, vegetable and dairy shops (and not all), as well as those providing communications, city duty services: electricians, gas workers, garbage collectors, etc. This lockdown policy lockdown, which was to be completed by 15 April, then was extended to 3 m��I, and then to 17 may inclusive. It is possible that the number of Indian cities and territories can be locked for even longer.— India announced a lockdown, when its territory was officially registered only about 600 infected, that is, it was done quickly, as soon as it became clear the risk of infection. If you are entering a strict isolation measures at this early stage of the spread of disease, prevent infection a large number of people,— has told “to the Spark” the known Indian specialist in pulmonary diseases and thoracic surgery (surgery of the chest), founder and Board member of the Foundation for the treatment of pulmonary diseases, Professor Arvind Kumar.— This is the reason why India was able to avoid the unfortunate scenario in which events unfolded in several countries in Europe and in the US, the Professor said. He had no doubt that only the government imposed the most stringent measures to protect the country.And severity really enough. Moreover, the inhabitants of “the biggest democracy of the world” themselves often do not stay in front of the police in debt — information about the attacks on officials and police came from various parts of the country. A lot of noise was made history in the city of Patiala, where the cops tried to disperse the vegetable sellers in the market. But militiamen attacked a group Nihongo (as in Sikhism is called a kind of knightly order of the defenders of the shrines, armed with long daggers-karpanai). The result: three COP in the hospital, one cut off his hand, which he was holding the stick.In short, if the self-isolation and works, then it’s not the same beatings with batons — Indians, if anything, can stand up for themselves. Just the people of India really responded to the call of the government, listened to the doctors and stayed home, showing himself quite disciplined and responsible. This allowed while to suspend the virus. Moreover, “the biggest democracy of the world” last week began a gradual exit from the regime of strict isolation — of course, in his own way.So, the first thing allowed agricultural work — the peasants went to the fields, where already ripe harvest. Start fishing, agriculture, horticulture. The government of the “tea state” of Assam reported the resumption of work on the plantations. This indicates that growers will have to work in masks and “observe the provisions of the distance”. In some areas, including in the capital, opened even liquor stores, however, selling alcohol at a 70 percent “coronavirus” margin, which, however, does not stop: in every institution there — the crowd buyers.In principle, the terms of such authorities. India is divided into three zones: “red”, “green” and “orange”. “Red” areas will remain isolated, in the “green” and “orange” will be allowed sminor concessions. Gradually the whole country should become a green area — the economy adjusts, in isolation it is, as is already clear, such a vast country can’t keep up.However, a number of limitations remains everywhere: do not fly regular flights, not passenger trains — they are allowed only by special permit and for specific purposes. Closed schools and colleges. Do not operate hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, bars. Closed temples and places of pilgrimage. While all of these prohibitions are valid until 17 may. But it is not excluded that in “red” areas (and this includes all major cities) restrictions will continue later.— It is difficult to say how long it will take before the situation is normalized completely. But I think it will take months, says Dr. Kumar. Many physicians are even stronger urge not to “open” too fast in order not to lose the achievements of a strict lockdown and not to slip in the Italian scenario.Astrologers, too, luchtfoto: Rajanish Kakade, AP”don’t forget about astrology!” — convinced me Indian, confident that the lockdown, of course, a good thing, but this is not the only and maybe not the main Indian secret. Our conversation took place on may 3, when the armed forces of India held a rally greeting the fighters with the coronavirus: air force fighter jets flying formation over new Delhi and other cities, and transport aircraft and military helicopters scattered rose petals over the hospitals and the national memorials.It would seem, is nothing unusual — similar actions to welcome doctors and other wrestlers with the virus are held in different countries of the world. But my interlocutor is convinced that it is not so simple. “This is the secret of our government — Jyotisha (Indian astrology)”,— convinces me the source, who asked not to be named. I can only say that he is known in new Delhi, who explained to me that the profession is hereditary, and his father went for consultation even Indira Gandhi.He explained the “Spark” that on may 3 — the day of Mohini Ekadasi, dedicated to Lord Vishnu (one of the three Supreme gods of Hinduism). The day you need to fast and bring Vishnu offerings, including bright flowers and their petals! Therefore, it supposedly rained rose petals from military helicopters over medical institutions, where an evil disease. This ritual, said my interlocutor, of course, pays tribute to the doctors, but his main point is to present Vishnu Puja (offering).”Coronavirus — the punishment of the gods, that’s why he’s not just fighting!” Noting my incredulity, the source explains more:— Not by chance, declaring of “national isolation”, modi urged Indians not to cross the “Lakshmana Rekha”. This is the mystical line that Lakshmana drew — the character of the ancient epic “Ramayana” — around the dwelling of the hero Rama and his wife SITA. She was supposed to protect their home from evil forces, and while SITA did not cross it, is threatened. However, she once went over the line (or rather, she was forced by deception), and was a trouble — the beauty was kidnapped by king of demons Ravana. Now it is important not to repeat this error.For example, on 22 March, the day the “people’s curfew” (which became a dress rehearsal for a one-day nationwide lockdown) the Prime Minister called on at five in the evening all to go out on the balconies and verandas and within five minutes of clapping, banging spoons on plates and pans “in gratitude to the doctors and all those who have to work in the hours of lockdown”.— Everything is clear,— willingly explains the “Spark” has agreed to talk with me astrologer.— March 22 — Amavasya is the new moon, a dark and gloomy day of the lunar month. In those days all viruses, bacteria and all the forces of evil have a special potential. But the ringing of bells, pots and claps — all this caused the cumulative vibration in the India before sunset. All this happened within five minutes of applause, the ringing, singing of religious hymns. You know, 1.3 billion people can create as many special vibrations that the virus will lose all power!Following the mystical protest was allegedly organized on 5 April. Prime Minister modi urged all citizens to light the balconies and at the door of the lamps and candles at nine in the evening nine minutes — “as a symbol of unity of India in the fight against the disease.” Citizens responded to the call of tens of millions of sparks erupted from the Himalayas in the North to Cape Kanyakumari in the South.— This is the magic number nine: judge 5 th day of the 4th month in the amount of nine— pointedly explains my interlocutor.— The action was scheduled for nine o’clock to nine minutes. “Nine” is the number of Braziers (Mars). Light and fire symbols. In fact, our modi activates the energy of this planet, the planet of war, to fight against the epidemic! He does everything right!You valachchenai the verdict of my companion was saved for last.: “Improvements will begin after may 15. Gradually, everything will be okay. So the stars say. To defeat the virus already all done!”My friend the journalist Prakash ironic quips: “India is really serious about Jyotisha, astrology. But it’s hard to say whether the Prime Minister himself believes it. Although such actions clearly can like considerable number of representatives of a majority of the population, and the government know it.”He was sure that the thing that India is working on methods of treatment — examines the nature of the new virus, but it is more important than magic. After all, India is still producing drugs. Not by chance the whole world today asks new Delhi to deliver drugs, such as hydroxychloroquine this drug against malaria using now and for the treatment COVID-19.Recall that in early April, the President of the United States Donald trump even said that h��on Washington may take in respect of India’s retaliatory measures if new Delhi “does not allow supply of medicines in the United States.” It was primarily about the hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, which is used to treat new infection. But India has agreed to supply drugs to America. By the way, new Delhi has said it will deliver millions of doses of hydroxychloroquine, and of paracetamol and to Russia in the near future.But because the colleague Prakash believes that India is doing everything right: “we didn’t protect themselves from the virus outbreak better developed countries? Isn’t India ready to supply the rich countries, at their request, necessary medicines, without which the world can not do? Well, if anyone is to respect the lockdown, or simply for complacency and we need another magic — and let it be her!”In the end, effective opposition to the virus — a new way to declare that India is ready to join the club of those powers that preside over the destinies of the world.