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In Stavanger, they have already had problems at three avløpspumper because of the increased use of disposable gloves, rags, q-tips, and other garbage. Now they pray, and several municipalities throughout the country, people are asked to not use the toilet as-out wheeled-bin.

Våtserviettene as disposed of in the toilet does not resolve up, but gather in large clumps that tangle into the pumps, which leads kloakkvannet further in the plant.

the Engine at avløpsstasjonen on Skorpefjell on Mosterøy is destroyed and must be replaced.

Stig Erik Loevaas, supervisor for the Water and waste water in the municipality of Stavanger, had to make today’s drittjobb in full protective equipment. This is the same type of verneutstyret that there is rift in the health care system.

Photo: Arild Eskeland / NRK

– It is a big problem for us when the pumps wrecking, as the sewage straight out into the sea. We do not wish to, we want to have a clean nature, ” says Svein Jone Aadnesen, production in Water – and waste water in the municipality of Stavanger.

It is much more important that water and avløpsavdelinger in the Uk spend their time on ensuring access to clean water, he believes.

CONCERNED: Svein Jone Aadnesen believes it is stupid that the criticism of society and the personal need to be exposed to smittefare because of people’s bad habits.

Photo: Arild Eskeland / NRK

– I hope people can take a samfunnsdugnad and sharpen itself, ” says Aadnesen.

Expose for smittefare

– It is a pity that criticism of society personnel, to ensure good water supply and safe operation of the waste water network must spend a lot of time in environments with increased smittefare now. We have a strong desire that the citizens do not involve the community and our employees this extra burden, says the water – and avløpssjef Jarle Furre in the municipality of Stavanger.

Sigurd Rossehaug is operations manager in the plant in Haugesund tells us that the job of removing the waste is the least fun they have in the facility. Earlier this week, they had to remove a large particle and unwanted material in the pumps.

– We had saved a lot of time if people had been to throw so much wonder in the do, ” he says.

A problem in several places

A check NRK has done shows that the problem is prevalent in several places in the country. Holmestrand municipality has seen itself compelled to encourage people to normally dovett. A number of municipalities in southern california including the Asker, Bærum, Lier, Øvre Eiker and færder formally has lately warned the citizens.

Morten Bachmann is advisor in the operations center for water and sewerage in Bærum municipality.

Photo: Bærum kommune

– Now struggling we really at the pumping stations in Bærum. The last week there has been a large increase of garbage in the sewer, “says operations manager at water and sewage in the Bærum municipality,” says Morten Bachmann.

so Far, they have managed to prevent sewer has a clean out in nature.

But it is not only what can happen. Is it close in to the municipal sewer line just before a pumping station, will the one that lives closest to get the sewage from the neighbors up in its basement.

Koronastengte kindergartens get blamed

In Lier has crews dispatched to the pumping stations between 25 and 30 times in the last week. Normally pluck them out four times a week.

EARLIER: This lump with wet wipes and engangsvaskekluter led recently to a waste water pump stopped in Lier.

Photo: Lier way, water and waste water KF

senior Researcher Ingun Grimstad Klepp. by Forbruksforskningsinstituttet SIFO, Oslo Met think the main reason is that more people are using wet wipes for extra cleaning in these koronatider.

Ingun Grimstad Klepp. is a senior fellow at Forbruksforskningsinstituttet SIFO, Oslo Met

Photo: Eirik Tufteland Hook / NRK

When people with the home office dealing bleiebarn, she believes the chance is greater that the wipes end up in the toilet than when the children to the common in the nursery.

– It is difficult to imagine that barnehagepersonale, with other professional routines for hygiene, wash with disposable wipes and throw them in the do, ” says Gaff, who believe those who do this, have some little knowledge about what they’re doing.

Director of water and wastewater in the municipality of Asker, Kari Ekerholt, says the message is simple:

– Pee, poop and toilet paper is all that is to do.

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