TASS together with the state Duma of the Russian Federation presents a selection of important laws and regulations, which will open in August 2020 and will apply to many Russians.

the Resumption of international flights

From August 1 Russia will resume international services to the UK, a number of cities in Turkey and Zanzibar in Tanzania.

The flights will be operated from airports of Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-don. Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin noted that "the decision also will allow to expedite the return of citizens from abroad".

to Increase the pension…

From August 1 of pension of Russians will increase by 9.13%. The recalculation will take place mezzavalle (nowhere to go and write statements do not need) and will apply to pensions for 80 thousand people.

Funded pension is the amount of money generated from employer contributions, and profits from their investments. Previously, the average size of pension has made 956 rubles.per month.

a …the participants of the program of co-financing savings…

Also from 1 August the increase in payments by 7.99 percent is available for participants of the program of co-financing pension savings. Those who generated the funds are paid not funded pension and term pension payout, that is for a certain person period. Currently receive a pension of 32 thousand pensioners. Previously, the average size of urgent pension payment was $ 1705.per month.

a …and the recalculation of pensions for working pensioners

From August 1, will hold the adjustment of pension payments for working pensioners. This is a mandatory annual procedure. It does not need to apply to the FIU.

If a pensioner continues working, his salary is withheld insurance pension contributions. Therefore, his pension should be regularly adjusted upwards with the received funds. Annual pension may be increased by not more than three pension points.

of Increasing gas prices

From August 1 will occur the indexation of wholesale gas prices for the population. Tariffs for the population will grow by 3%, for other categories of consumers, such as business — by 2.99%. Earlier the Federal Antimonopoly service approved the increase in gas prices from July 1, but due to the economic situation in pandemic coronavirus timing shifted for a month.

Last year gas prices for the population rose by 1.4%, and in the summer of 2018 — 3.4%.

the land in Buryatia and Transbaikalia

Residents of all regions of Russia from August 1, 2020 will be able to leave their applications to the land plots on the territory of Buryatia and Transbaikalia.

This is the third phase of the programme "far Eastern hectare". The right to land also applies to participants of the State program for help.NIJ assistance to voluntary resettlement to Russian Federation of compatriots living abroad and members of their families migrating together in a permanent place of residence in the Russian Federation.

the deadline for submitting tax returns

August 1 is the deadline for the submission of information about income, expenses, about property and obligations of property character for 2019. According to law, the report of the deputies and officials of all levels — Federal, regional and municipal. This year in connection with the spread of the coronavirus according to the decree of the President of the filing period was extended.

the Impossible to fill up an anonymous electronic wallets

August 3, individuals will not be able to replenish e-wallet without prior identification.

If not passed the identification, you can only transfer funds using the Bank account. That is just to fill up an anonymous wallet through the terminal will not work — you will need to use a Bank account.

The innovation is aimed at combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

the On some cars will see a square room

From August 4 shall enter into force GOST R 50577-2018, which provides new dimensions of state registration plates of vehicles.

On motorcycles you can use the rooms, the size of which is 190х145 mm instead of the current mm. 245х185 rooms reduced size allowed on cars with non-standard mounting location of the room.

a Foreign students will be able to earn money

From August 5, comes into force a law allowing foreign students who study full-time, to work without obtaining special permission in their free time. Under the new rules is not required that the employer had a permit for attracting foreign labor force. If the student has ceased learning, the employment contract must be completed.

the laid-off employees will receive benefits

From 13 August, the employees dismissed in connection with liquidation of organization or staff reduction, who has worked for more than a month, will receive from employer average monthly wage for the second month from the date of dismissal or a part in proportion to the period of employment attributable to this month. Payment must be made before the liquidation of the organization.

"If you have previously dismissed on reduction or elimination of paid severance payments in the amount of average monthly earnings, and for him remained the average monthly earnings for the period of employment, but not exceeding two months from the date of dismissal (taking into account severance allowance), now, under the new rules, if a worker cannot find work for more than a month, the employer is obliged to��to pay him the average monthly earnings for the second month from the date of dismissal or a part in proportion to the period of employment attributable to this month", — says chief accountant HeadHunter Marina Elsukova.

The following calculation is made under the new rules. The employer must pay the employee at dismissal:

Salary for time actually worked in the month of dismissal.

Compensation for all unused vacation.

Severance payments in the amount of average monthly earnings.

Severance pay is calculated at the average wage for the 12 months preceding the month of the dismissal, to be paid in working days (hours) personal income tax exempt. For example, an employee cut in July 2020, his salary is 40 000,00 For the period from July 2019 to June 2020 it worked for 246 days and earned 480 000 480 000 RUB share in 246 = 1 951, 22 RUB is the average charge per day. To calculate average monthly earnings at dismissal, you need the average charges per day multiplied by the number of working days for month period according to the schedule commencing from the day following the date of termination. Let this month, the employee was required to work 20 days. Then severance pay will be 39 024,40 RUB (1 RUB 951,22 × 20).

"it is Important for workers if they are not employed after his dismissal, appealed in writing to the employer for compensation. If within ten days no response, you should immediately apply to the court either at the location of the employer or at his place of residence", — says Zoya Kondratieff, assistant Professor of labor law at the law faculty of Moscow state University, candidate of legal Sciences.

the New rates for careful drivers

On August 24, will come into force a law that will allow insurance companies to take into account the personal characteristics of the drivers in the formation of prices of insurance policy. One of the main provisions of the law — the ability of insurers to take into account when determining the rate of insurance (within its minimum and maximum values, set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation) driving quality and compliance of traffic rules by drivers. The tariff corridor will be expanded by 10% up and 10% down. The changes will allow you to assign the lower rate neat drivers and a higher rate to those who drive carelessly violates traffic rules.

the government Support of business in the Arctic

With 28 August any was in the Arctic entrepreneur who is ready to implement a new investment project and invest at least 1 million rubles, will be able to obtain resident status, which involves a number of tax benefits and Nontax benefits. The investment project is deemed new if on the date of the application, the volume of capital investments made during the project implementation does not exceed 25% of the total amount of capital investments provided the business plan of this project.

Also for residents reduced the time of scheduled inspections and facilitated their movement.