under the Federal program “Stimulus” the national project “Housing and the urban environment” the construction of infrastructure is co-financed from the Federal (67%), regional (29.7 percent) and local (3.3 percent) budgets. In total over the next five years is laid 183.7 billion rubles.

the Program is now in its fifth year. In 2019 it built 136 facilities in 42 regions, and this was the impetus for commissioning 7.2 million square meters of housing. This year the program involved 52 in the region where elevated 186 objects. This 73 roads with a length of 249 km, 50 schools 46 381 beds, 25 kindergartens for 5955 beds, 7 polyclinics 4325 visits and 31 objects of engineering infrastructure on 523 km. is allocated from the Federal budget of 27.8 billion rubles. The appearance of these objects will facilitate the commissioning of more than 7 million square meters of housing. This year, it completed construction of 105 objects.

Priority in the allocation of funds for the next four years will receive the engineering network. Finally, subsidies from the Federal budget will be distributed between projects by year-end. Thanks to the amended rules of participation in the program will be able to get regions with small housing that have not received the funding, stress in the Ministry. Now most objects in the program being built in Belgorod (41 projects), Sverdlovsk (13), Leningrad (9) regions. For 7 facilities are being built in Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara and Chechnya.

Krasnodar Krai in 2019, took the third place in Russia on housing construction, including through participation in the program “Stimulus”. Now in the Kuban region in the framework of the program is elevated several schools. Three schools in Krasnodar at 3300 students will be put into operation this year. In 2021 or 2022, the city will build another school 1100 seats in the village of Znamenskoye and a kindergarten for 300 places in the street of Heroes Scouts. A year later, in Krasnodar will be the biggest school in the southern Federal district – in 1875 places. “Despite such a large number of children who will be admitted to this school, she will be very comfortable and convenient. Krasnodar will be able to boast such an educational institution”, – consider in a city administration.

Krasnodar are fully prepared and expect the state projects 24 new schools will be built in the next few years. All the city needs 60 new schools to fully address the problems with accessibility of education and to transfer children to study in one shift. For the construction of schools and kindergartens in Krasnodar this year is scheduled more than 1.9 billion rubles, of which 569 million will be received from the Federal Treasury.

School for 800 students is built on the program “Stimulus” in the Lipetsk region – in the new neighborhood of the regional center. Schools nearby are overcrowded, children learn in two shifts. The emergence of new schools is also beneficial to developers – apartments in return��these nearby homes will be sold more actively. School lab will be equipped with modern equipment, will be equipped gym, open pool.

In the Belgorod region due to the “Incentive” built a new building of a gymnasium in the suburbs of the regional center – the village of Maisky. There are new neighborhoods, and local high school have not accommodate all comers. Pool, gym, modern classrooms and comfortable space for socializing during the breaks – all this will give primary school students. In that case will fill up quickly, no doubt: in the may moving many young families.