Only after the authorities realized that in terms of quarantine and unemployment people began to Peter out dramatically, in some regions of Russia came out with an initiative to distribute temporarily for gardens allotments all those in need. “In order to maintain the grocery of well-being and in terms of quarantine measures”.

While this initiative was in Tatarstan, Tver and Kaluga regions.

Plots in 6 to 10 acres are available to the landless residents of apartment buildings. Arrange them in the property to “tenants” is not necessary, as the plots allocated for temporary use, on the current season.

it is Noted that the call of the authorities to the citizens “to cease to do blogging and get back to the roots, to the earth” a particular response in the population is not. Although the local authorities promised to help them with the plowing of kitchen gardens, and seeds – would grow only crops. Because of the pandemic to exclude anything it is impossible, suddenly the products become more expensive so that would be beyond the pocket of their fellow citizens.

to understand the idea of the regions we asked the expert, “MK” associate Professor Timiryazev agricultural Academy Igor ABAKUMOV:

– the enthusiasm, which was the Soviet people in the 60-ies, when they are cut for use on 4-6 acres of land, today it is not. Now, a hectare is not particularly taking in the far East, in the Vologda region. All for free – it is powerless. What is the point to put the forces to work on the landings, if the land is not yours, if it is taken away at the end of the season? Makes no sense. On the other hand, the cry of local authorities caused confusion in people’s minds, suggests that there are shortages of food. Why do it, I do not understand.

– That is, if 6-10 acres was issued in the property, the land would have gone in flight?

– Exactly! Free land in regions full. Offer plots at a minimal cost and under a preferential mortgage loan, say, at zero, it would be snapped up in one day.