the Duchess Meghan (37), it has not been easy. As the newest member of the British Royal family have to prove yourself again and again and collides with your research kind often. The Ex can’t count actress on the loyalty of their employees, or the benevolence of the British press. The titled Meghan namely short-hand as “Duchess Difficult” (English: “the Duchess is Difficult”).

“The Sunday Times” writes, you will get a new, almost fieseren nickname missed – from one of your Relatives. According to the newspaper, a “senior Royal” name you behind your back only “Status: wife”. Thus, the blasphemer, is to allude to the fact that Meghans wedding with Prince Harry (34) their greatest achievement. And, although the Duchess was already a TV Star and a millionaire. But that’s not enough: The Royal was convinced, moreover, that their marriage would last with the Prince “only three years”.

Charles calls his daughter-in-law “Tungsten”

How mean! Fortunately, Meghan in the Royal family, but just a nasty nickname. Because their father Prince Charles (70) – in-law gave the US-American Amen, a somewhat strange, but sweet-intentioned to sleep. Because according to the “Daily Mail” announced the heir to the throne Meghan “Tungsten” from the German Wolfram. The nickname is intended to underline this as “tough and inflexible” Meghan is. Like the eponymous metal, which possesses all pure metals the highest melting point and is extremely resistant. (klm)