The ice was broken. Kiev and Republic of Donbass took a step towards each other

Kiev can sit at the same negotiating table with the republics of Donbass for the first six years of the conflict. A preliminary agreement reached during the hours of the meeting of the contact group in Minsk. In Kiev, the new settlement mechanism called the “Advisory Council” in the Donbass — “a deliberative body”. However, the main point is that direct dialogue, which immediately appeared in the Ukraine not all happy.

been waiting for This for a long time. And it’s not about the fact that the meeting lasted until midnight. For the first time in six years, Kiev and the breakaway Republic have taken a step towards each other. The negotiations pushed the Deputy head of the Russian presidential administration Dmitry Kozak and his Ukrainian counterpart Andriy Yermak. Strictest secrecy. Kozak appeared in front of cameras later, 10 hours after the start of negotiations.

“Agreed on new mechanisms of interaction between the parties to find political solutions to resolve the conflict. Dialogue platform with the participation of the parties in the Normandy format with participation of the parties to the conflict”, – said the Deputy head of the presidential Administration Dmitry Kozak.

the OSCE and Ukraine is called the “Advisory Council” in the country – “an Advisory body”.

“it doesn’t matter what the name of this mechanism. It is important that it is a platform for direct communication of two parties: Donbass and Ukraine. This is the most important understanding that was reached today,” — said the Minister of foreign Affairs DND Natalia Nikonorova.

the head of the presidential office Andrey Ermak in Minsk journalists came out: statement appeared in social networks.

the Ukrainian TV channels reported the news Telegraph. Predictable was the reaction of radicals tore a presentation of the national platform of reconciliation and unity in the Donbass. Blocked adviser on reintegration of Sergei Sivoho: one of the thugs blow knocked him down. The Secretary of the security Council condemned the attack, but immediately oncalled Sivoho adviser, and its position voiced in the social networks, informal.

Against any dialogue with Russia: nationalists tried to disrupt the Congress, “the Opposition platform – For life.” Leader Viktor Medvedchuk has just said in Moscow on parliamentary cooperation, and in Odessa, the radicals have arranged fight with supporters of the party, even sprayed with tear gas.

with regard to the arrangements for the breeding and exchange of prisoners, the Ukrainians called the timing — the shortest, the OSCE voiced very specific.

“the Participants agreed during the week to present the next list of individuals and within two weeks completely agree” — the special representative of the OSCE in Ukraine Heidi Grau.

the OSCE once again stressed: to violate the cease-fire is unacceptable. But here is the news: there will be a prompt mechanism to respond to attacks.

And finally, for the first time at the end of the meeting the parties signed a common Protocol. All this against the background that in one of the subgroups, the OSCE representative for coronavirus could not arrive from Europe and the discussion was held via video link. That is, the contact managed to establish.