Electrically, only the Windows are here: What we find at the IAA in Frankfurt am Main (D) in accordance with the View of Honda e, Mercedes EQS or VW ID 3 at the Stand of Brabus, looks a little like a last, as mad has become one Twitch of the then dwindling fossil-Fuel-age. We fluctuate between uncomprehending shake of the head, and a fascination for the wild madness on four wheels: Brabus builds the fastest G-class in the world.

Brabus? Brabus is like the other AMG In Bottrop (D) in the Ruhr area (maybe that’s why Brabus cars are mostly black as coal), founded by Bodo Buschmann in 1977, a Mercedes Tuning shop. The enjoys a fine reputation and is considered to be of Mercedes accepted instead of just tolerated. From here, the official Power-Smarts come at all. And since Mercedes-AMG, the politically correct group must be daughter, is Brabus for the madness on the Tires responsible.

Black wall

The IAA, can I get a Bang be (no-one would hear in spite of “Coming home” – exhaust mode, if the Cabinet wall losröhrt on wheels): The madness in the brick design is based on the new Mercedes G-class called the Brabus G V12 900 “One of Ten” and blows a cheerful 18.9 l/100 km into Nirvana – even in the standard cycle, mind you. Reprehensible? Well, hazards, such Boliden little, because they are usually next to 20 others in the collection. This is considered more of a job security measure, the year-old Euro-4-VW-Golf is expected that the coarser Ökosünde.

to make Almost like a ship’s diesel

there are wickedly plenty of Power: The 2.7 tons of races in 3.8 seconds to 100 kph and only stop at 280 km/h, in the rear-view mirror of fear. Not voluntarily, electronically limited. Possible makes it to the 6.0 to 6.3-litre tuned V12 Biturbo engine from the Mercedes S 600 l. Otherwise, 530 HP strong, it pushes in the Brabus 900 HP (662 kW) to the pitiful – that’s why custom-made crankshaft, and more on all four 24-inch roll (v. 295/30, h. 355/25). The torque scares us and the nine steps automatic: 1500 Nm at 4200/min! Because of some of the ship’s diesel is jealous.

Orange glove compartment

Inside, there are porcelain and saddle brown colored leather with – we quote the Brabus Press release – “orange colored piping” as well as “in the shell design stitched” seat-medium tracks. You have to love. The attention to Detail is with “orange leather-lined glove compartment”. It gets us out of sheer Abundance of dimly lit in order to facilitate the height-adjustable coilover suspension and the specially-converted, almost at a right angle to open the rear doors to permit access to the rear. There will be additional displays (km/h etc.) in the roof of the heavens, that we never miss a tempo record. to have

Limited is still

How much of the ten-piece limited edition, the fastest V12 can-all-terrain vehicles in the world cost? Alone, the conversion to the V12 comes with new turbochargers, forged pistons, and, and, and … 289’000 Euro net. With for Rich Kids essential Goodies such as carbon, empty the rage, the petty cash of the jet set in no time: It costs 720’015.45 Euro (nee traders can deal 45 cents, down), i.e. approximately 790’000 Swiss francs. Without Extras such as a Humidor for Havana. Funny actually, is not sold out, the G V12 900, allegedly, even there, where you sit at the source. Of The Oil Well.