shortly after 14 clock countless small Work took the inner-city in fog. Dressed about as Waggis, Ueli, dragons or Princesses, they moved through the streets, and cast eager Schleck stuff in the lot. The Larger tried, meanwhile, to the audience with “”Work, “” to cram so hot in Basel Confetti.

Merry mess instead of a normal move

At the children’s carnival is no organized move. Families and other work inside and Work had closed, however, to free groups. Some of them moved to smaller and larger ladder truck through the city, they turned to Waggis-car.

For poetic notes Schyssdräggzygli” – drummers and Piccolo players, who went without a large Clique by the city provided “. Again and again, individual masks were in the alleys to discover.

The gugge music played meanwhile, some in the afternoon for the big concerts, the curls on Shrove Tuesday-evening audiences are flocking to various places. A “star March” 25 “brass bands”, each of which begins at the exhibition place.

On the Cathedral square will take place at the same time, the lantern exhibition of the cliques. In peace those who are interested can admire the works of art in the light painters, and read the verses. To talk

Controversial use of horses

given also on Tuesday, an incident that had occurred on carnival Monday during the Cortège. A horse that had pulled a so-called Chaise, slipped on the stone mountain on a stone slab and fell. It could only stand up again, after it had moved away helper of the slippery steel plate, according to the Carnival Committee on Tuesday.

The horse had suffered, with the exception of a little prospecting, no injuries and no stress symptoms, noted the Fasnacht Comité citing a immediately initiated medical examination. Claims, the accident the horse had been administered sedatives, or drugs, pointed to the Carnival Committee. The horse is well.

The incident took place in the social media violent reactions triggered. The use of horses at the carnival parade in Basel is always a subject of debate. Last year, the rules had been tightened.

were Otherwise recorded on carnival Monday, no major incidents. The police said in a message on Tuesday from a comparatively pleasing quiet Carnival kick-off, with only a few fights and disputes. The paramedics had to make up for Tuesday morning, five inserts in connection with the carnival, this in advance due to excessive alcohol consumption.