“In the current economic situation, the growing business has two tasks: Express digitalization and the struggle for the improvement of business efficiency and growth through mergers and acquisitions, because extensive growth will be constrained by falling real disposable incomes, says the CEO of an international recruitment company Adecco Russia Konstantin Mirovich. – Therefore, the business have plans for active development, will entice professionals with expertise in these two areas.”

the same position is shared by the Association of private employment agencies. There note two actively developing on the market trend, which define areas of interest and search specialists for personnel, including high level. First, the massive shift to online technologies, virtual shopping and remote working staff demanded an emergency digital transformation. Many companies have a need to improve my people management with good skills in the field of digital, ecommerce, IT-sphere. The second point is the sudden sharp increase in the industry category Life Science: pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and selling of medical equipment, and clinical research. Here there is growth, so companies need to grow, and it needs new heads.

But there is a third factor: the industry most affected by the pandemic, will be a real source of manpower for the rest of the economy. Among restaurateurs, people, business, shopping, tourism, there are many highly qualified professionals. Now their knowledge, experience and skills available to other companies.

thus the virtual business, which was successfully developed in Russia over the past decade, has become a kind of farm club for large companies. He helped increase the skills and muscles for those who now will come to do the main business of my business life.

“you Have to understand that with all the success of heads of turnover Lamoda, like other leading Internet companies, is a few percent of those amounts, which are giants of the offline market, – the head of service SuperJob Alexei Zakharov. Now, when life has put a larger network before you need to transfer the business online, they can resort to the help of those who have already proved their worth under these conditions. But now they have to deal already with an incomparably large scale.”

This theory is confirmed by other experts. Practice head retail & hospitality ANCOR Olga Berezovskaya adds that in addition to the retail similar to the personnel policy in the near future running of the telecommunication companies and banks.

Experts believe – in the current situation of in-line migration of top managers between the companies expects not worth it, it can start closer to the fall, if the situation with coronavirus will develop in a positive scenario. But at the same point conversions under specific tasks is possible now. Who and where? Personnel matters usually remain shrouded in mystery until the very last moment, so strong yet to say no, not solved. The direction is clear, but the specifics will soon be revealed.

At the same for serious top managers in the change of company money offered as a reward for their labors, may be not the main factor.

“Top experts in the transition are always focused on the level of the proposed objectives, their scale and possible freedom in making decisions, – said the head of a group of professional recruitment in the it staffing company ManpowerGroup Diana Kargaev. This trend will continue now.”

in addition, now is not the time to over-fill his price. Market leaders the situation is not less hard than that of ordinary employees. According to recruiting service Headhunter, among senior management, the ratio of vacancies and candidates is 1:16.

“Many of the top professionals will be actively thinking about switching to other organizations, since a number of companies will not be able to keep expensive employees,” confirms this idea Nicholas Ferry, a managing consultant with the direction of the Retail recruitment company Hays.

After a turbulent period of leadership in the markets will be from companies that could competently carry out the digitisation, say experts. And led many of them could there be men who previously worked in completely different industries. Now the competent actions of the HR specialist, who had time to recruit the right person, can bring prosperity to the business in the years ahead. Or send it into oblivion if it is not time to do. Especially in a situation when labour market is sufficient number of candidates are already free and those who will be available for job offers in a very short time.

the Most interesting question for every employee: “And how much is the salary of the chief?” The amount is significant, but in most cases not too dazzling. In the popular mind typically appear quite different order numbers, providing an unattainable way well-being. According to the project “data Bank of wages” in the first quarter of this year, the income of the people occupying the upper management positions within companies, this year in the capital range from 306 to 817 thousand rubles, in the regions from 176 to 362 thousand rubles per month. A year ago the amount was more modest: from 278 to 695 thousand Muscovites and from 170 to 342 thousand rubles from chiefs in other cities.

To this was attached in different locations. Insurance ��about LCA was provided to the chiefs of 56.2% capital companies and 36.6% of the regional accident insurance (of 11.0% and 7.2%), payment for mobile communications (50.7% and 48.1 percent), personal car (of 11.6% and 12.8%), and meals by the company (21.2% and 17,4%).

But against the backdrop of the pandemic, many of the leaders of the first global and then domestic companies voluntarily began to waive their salaries or significantly reduce them. According to the press, all the top management of ALROSA from mid-April moved to working four days a week, proportionally cutting the salary. And managers “Aeroflot” has decided, from 1 April to abandon the 40% owed them money. Deprived itself of the awards and the first person of “Yandex”, at the same time cutting off part of the salary. However, the exact amount of sequestration of this expenditure of the company to disclose did not. It is reported that similar action had been taken by leaders and other organizations.