The human body fights with a coronavirus in the same way as with the flu

Researchers from Australia studied the immune response of one of the first in the country to patients with infectious disease COVID-19 and found out exactly how protective forces of the body resisting the attacks of coronavirus.

Experts have carefully studied the blood samples and other biological fluids 47-year-old patient. She was hospitalized on the fourth day after the appearance of the characteristic symptoms (pain in throat and chest, dry cough, mild dyspnea, fever).

the Tests showed that although the disease COVID-19 and caused by the pathogen from which the body was not familiar, immune response, leading to recovery, is very similar to the one that usually causes flu.

“We consider the entire spectrum of immune responses using the knowledge accumulated by us over the years of studying the immune response in patients with influenza – said co-author immunologist Oan Nguyen (Oanh Nguyen) from the University of Melbourne. – Three days after admission of the patient we saw populations of immune cells, which are often a sign of recovery for seasonal flu. Therefore, we made a prediction that the patient will recover in three days. And so it happened.”

Protection from coronavirus, apparently, provide four separate groups of immune cells – their team has identified in the blood of recovering patients.

the article presented in the journal Nature Medicine, reported that the symptoms disappeared in women after 13 days and does not appear in the next week. In this case, from the 7th to the 20th day of plasma her blood gradually increased the number of specific antibodies.

Experts also note that current estimates indicate that more than 80% of cases the disease COVID-19 has a slight or moderate degree of severity. Probably this has to do with the fact that the human immune system itself is able to withstand the coronavirus.

However, many people the disease be severe, and the number who died from it continues to grow. This suggests that the protective response does not always and, apparently, may depend on a number of factors (e.g., age, General health, presence of chronic diseases).

Now, the primary task of scientists is to understand what exactly caused the deaths and how to help the immune system of seriously ill patients to cope with the virus.

the Information collected by different research groups, will help to develop drugs not only to combat a dangerous disease, but for prevention, the researchers hope.

in addition, in light of the new data to the immunologists will test whether drugs anti-flu (possibly modified or combined with other medications) to help the body fight coronavirus infection.

by the Way, before “News.Science” ( announced the beginning of clinical trials of an experimental vaccine against the coronavirus, and how long the pathogen survives in the air and on different surfaces.

Text: To.Science