The NASA Hubble telescope took a picture of the rare “fluffy” galaxy. Object called NGC 2775 is located at a distance of 67 million light years from the Solar system. Scientists came to the conclusion that the star formation process was completed, reports Business Insider.

The center of the galaxy looks empty. Some time ago, there obviously is “boiling” activity, and the gas condensed in newborn stars. But now all the gas reserves is over.

Sleeve rotating around the center of the galaxy, look “fluffy” due to the dark lines of dust and clouds of gas. Millions of young stars are the bright blue dots that are discernible through the haze. I wonder what other spiral galaxies, including the milky Way have a distinct sleeve.

Earlier it was reported that Hubble first captured the crumbling comet in real-time. The nucleus of the comet disintegrated into 24-30 pieces, all of them were in the dust clouds that scatter solar light.