The housewife showed how to make big Mac at home

MOSCOW, 13 APR – RIA Novosti. Housewife posted in the Facebook group “Homemade McDonald’s” recipe of hamburger, which is indistinguishable from the original dishes, reports The Sun.

So, meatballs it took 500 grams of ground beef and a little salt. Then gave them a flat round shape using a rolling pin and fried them for two minutes on each side.

For the sauce was used mayonnaise (one Cup), gherkin, garlic (one tablespoon) and onion powder (half teaspoon), white vinegar (two teaspoons), mustard (two tablespoons) and smoked paprika (half a teaspoon). All of these ingredients to mix.

Rolls also were made at home with dough and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

“Bake buns and begin to assemble the Burger. First, put on them chicken, then remaining ingredients: sauce, lettuce, onions, cucumbers. Enjoy,” — said the author of the recipe.

“I’d rather eat your sandwich than the one prepared in fast food”, “it’s amazing and it’s great that you can do with what we have at home,” — wrote in the comments.