The house-Museum of Eugene Vakhtangov opens in Vladikavkaz

the theatre is one of the root name of the modern theater culture, one that anticipated the history of theatre of the XX and XXI century, it belongs not only to Russian and world theatre, – reminded the audience on the project press-conference the assistant artistic Director for creative Affairs Dmitry Trubotchkin. – He was one of the first to practice the combined life and myth, the grotesque and the psychology of the game and the truth, the mask and identity, dance and heartache. For relatively short creative life, he realized that he had dreamed the future theatre theorists have revived the theatre mask – breathes life into seemingly gone forever dinosaur of the old era – an ancient Italian Commedia”.

the theatre was the first “licensed” teacher of the Stanislavsky System. The Colonel trusted him training on the System and severely criticized for the first performances staged like it should, but with too sharp, too non-domestic aesthetic solutions.

He who walks in the Vakhtangov theatre, still feels this sharp and expressive aesthetics of the theatre.

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But looking back on the life of the great master, we must not forget that his first performances he put in Vladikavkaz on the stage of the gymnasium – it was a “proposal” and “the Bear” by Anton Chekhov.

– He is remembered as the soul society, surrounded by music and poetry, everywhere to organize a drama club and putting on plays, – says Dmitry Trubotchkin. – At home in Vladikavkaz, he loved to play the mandolin (the instrument, hidden for him, he kept to himself until his last days). As a man of the South, it filled all their theatrical experiences hot blood: his favorite dance was not the waltz, and the lezginka, which he perfectly danced.

But favored by southern bliss fluttering pet Vakhtangov was not. In the manuscript journal of the gymnasium on the eve of departure from Vladikavkaz, he wrote: “”Glory to the workers, you! /Praise to you, work!/The honor of working hands! /A glory and honor “drop of sweat”! When he left, he thought about the work. But for the sake of theater. Mandate strict father to go to Riga Polytechnic, and then at the law faculty of Moscow University was carried out only formally, he always failed in exams or have left the prestigious school for the sake of doing theater.

the Theater will build the House-Museum of the Vakhtangov theatre in Vladikavkaz, – said the artistic Director of the Vakhtangov Theatre Rimas Tuminas. – But we’ll have to open it here – in the souls, in performances, in our work. 100 years is a milestone. Joyous and disturbing, and even dangerous. Remembering and speaking of Theatre, I think God probably just took it. He was the last one left in the “silver century”. Someone left, someone cheated, someone (unwillingly) betrayed the silver age, but he left. Need not talk, do not swing, not to spill his name but to save the spiritual memory. And remember his Covenant “With the artist’s demand!”. It can gently say you severely, “Yes”, and can be demanding.

people’s artist of the USSR Vasily Lanovoy remembered as caught in the theater, “children” Vakhtangov, a great old unique actors – Mansurovo, Alekseev, Gritsenko, Plotnikova, Astangova: “It was a great happiness to communicate with them. All of them Grand lucky in life! And us, too.”

people’s artist of Russia Irina Kupchenko sees the possibility to create a house-Museum of the Vakhtangov theatre in Vladikavkaz, the real gift and the two theatres in Moscow and Vladikavkaz and the Ossetian residents of the capital.

– there is one very important aspect is the alignment of cultural space in the country, she says. – a Cultural center, which will receive Vladikavkaz may change cultural life of the region. I want our country won’t have the word “province”.

Photo: Sergey Fadeichev/TASS Lyubimov directed the cultural institutions to develop online programs

people’s artist of Russia Yulia Rutberg remembered working in the Shchukin school Vera Konstantinovna Lviv, telling my students about the revolution, “in the morning We fled to the rehearsal and rehearsal home, we hardly slept. Somewhere there was shooting, and we rehearsed”. Rutberg remember it as the best way to survive troubled times. Of course, assuming that you work in the theater.

people’s artist of Russia Yuri Shlykov said about Ossetia as a country of very talented people. Reminded that Vakhtangov was familiar with the poetry of Kosta Khetagurov, and therefore recreated in Vladikavkaz, the house needs to be all around a “living place”.

Honored artist of Russia Alexander Oleshko said that the first thing he did was recorded in your gadget to the famous Vakhtangov appeal to his disciples: “How will think: we Have our own stage. Your room… Your curtain… Think – it’s your theatre. Our small and cozy. So where is the rest of the work. Where will give all my love. … We will burn, we want to, we do as best they can – but would happily…”


Kirill KROK, Director of the Vakhtangov theatre (Moscow):

– For the anniversary of the Vakhtangov we must return him to his home. Given that the number 13 was a favorite for the Director (he was born on the 13th, the theatre was founded), I want to give 13 arguments for the opening of a Cultural centre at home Vakhtangov:

1) the alignment of the “cultural layer” in the country

2) the Effect of lead Federal theatre of Russia on the cultural processs in the region

3) the Inevitable increase in the level of cultural life in the region in General, due to the presence of a Federal institution of culture

4) Increase the tourism attractiveness of the region

5) more jobs in Vladikavkaz

6) the Opportunity for full exposure of the rich materials and exhibits

7) the Possibility of a full-fledged cultural center with a great theater venue

8) Right 5-6 most interesting events in the month – solo performances, creative meetings, concerts of the leading artists of the theater

9) Joint programme in the region, with theatres in the Republic of Ossetia

10) the Ability to earn a living

11) the Cultural center will become a structural subdivision of the theater

12) Government support of the project at the level of the Republic and of the country

13) And finally modern and comfortable housing for people yet crammed into communal apartments, located in the home of Eugene Vakhtangov.

the Official opinion

Boris Canan, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, the Plenipotentiary representative of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania under the President of the Russian Federation:

– In Vladikavkaz many places connected with the name of Evgeny Vakhtangov, so for us it is especially important creation in the capital of North Ossetia, the House-Museum of the famous Director. It will be located at the site of a house in Vladikavkaz, where he lived the Director, and will consist of chamber and Museum pieces. I am sure that we will be able to create this valuable historical and cultural object. The issue of the opening of the cultural center is on control at the head of the Republic.

Podderzhkoy what money will be built cultural centre in Vladikavkaz?

– For the financing of the project March 16 on the platform started a crowdfunding campaign, which runs until mid-June – said PR-Director of the project Natalia Ignatenko. – With the help of collective co-financing, the organizers plannedcomfort to attract at least 3.5 million rubles.

Photo: Press-service of the Museum of theatre and music In the Theatrical Museum will host the broadcast, theatrical readings

But most of the contributions to the creation of the theatrical and cultural center named after Vakhtangov in the framework of the strategic partnership will transfer the Bank “Opening”.

to participate in fundraising can be anyone. As grant aid to the theatre may be listed in any amount. You can also buy special lots cost from 300 to 1 million rubles, which the theatre prepared for the participants. The lots are books and programs autographed by the artists, personal thanks on the official website of the Vakhtangov Theatre, a unique tour with the theater Director Kirill Kroc, the opportunity to watch one of the performances of the theater of the “Stalinist” boxes and much more. During the project lots will be updated.

the First installment – the applause – made hudojestvenny Director of the theatre Rimas Tuminas and the theater Director Kirill KROK.

Mikhail Zadornov, President-Chairman of Board of Bank “Opening”:

“We understand how important it is that cultural, including theatre projects not only in Moscow or St. Petersburg. So we decided to support the leadership of the Vakhtangov theatre to create a family house Vahtangovich in Vladikavkaz, the theatre and cultural centre. This is a very important initiative for North Ossetia, where he studied theatre, tried his hand as an actor, Director, theatre critic and writer, and where he spent the first 20 years of his life.”

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the Program of celebrating of anniversary of the theater, including the cultural centre “the House-Museum of Yevgeny Vakhtangov in Vladikavcase”, was adopted on the basis of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation (№ 365 dated August 2, 2019 “On celebration of the 100th anniversary of the State academic Vakhtangov theatre”) and subsequent orders of the Government of the Russian Federation (№ 212-p dated February 5, 2020 “the formation of an organising Committee for preparation and holding of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the State academic Vakhtangov theatre”).