the Market is very specific frames. The ball it is ruled by the craftsmen of the villages, villages and small towns. It is, in principle, it is logical if to consider that frames put mostly in the private sector. The only exception is Russia, here are a few carpentry shops making furniture. The truth, says the head of one of them, Sergey Demidov, ancient drawings demand not. Mostly customers choose patterns on the Internet.

Sergei says that in the Vologda five houses decorated architraves, made in his workshop. Also a lot of small house plans orders in the suburbs.

Sergei says that in the Vologda five houses decorated architraves, made in his workshop. Also a lot of orders in the suburbs.

mostly trim bought in the private sector or in the garden for year-round use. In pandemic demand fell, – says the master.

If he focuses on drawings sent by customers, Nikolay Fomin from Kargopol, on the contrary, 95 percent of all orders are made by the traditional Northern ornaments. The wizard studied them since 2001, as he opened the workshop.

– for Example, in the Vologda region, the trim was lace, and in Pomerania they played the role of amulets, guarding the house from evil forces. The mandatory element was the cross, and on the roof was the ridge, for example, in the form of a rooster. Also, the frames often made the sign of the sun and the 12 rays, each of which meant a month. It was thought that this sign house is protected all 12 months of the year, – says Nikolay Fomin.

In the workshop Fomin often approached by various cultural centers. For example, last year he made the casings for the national Park Kenozero. The master says: the market situation is complex, the craftsmen who work by hand, are forced to compete with factory production.

for Example, a meter casing is made of CNC, is 200-250 rubles. Fomin says that he keeps in the workshop rates, meter produces per 450-550 rubles, and in the suburbs masters take a thousand. Buyers often vote with their pocketbooks and choose the cheaper option. Ready casing, made-to-order, cost at least four thousand rubles. If you use the factory Board, the price will be two times lower. But the trouble is that when you install the picture is shifted and broken symmetry, and this is the main principle in the arrangement of the frames, regardless of region.

Some artists make frames on CNC machines to order. Here the pattern is not broken, but another problem arises: knots and other defects in the Board. Often they are in plain sight. But, on the other hand, the machine can specify the dimensions of the parts literally to the millimeter.

in Addition to the wooden casings on CNC machines, the competition of arts and crafts make plastic and metal frames. The latter is more characteristic of the Volga region. But the plastic act��VNO put and order in the regions of the North-West.

– I have three years of doing this. Before ten years have established plastic Windows. One day I realized that people have a demand for modern and sturdy frames, bought a CNC machine, invited the designer, and we started to work, – says the head of the workshop for the production of plastic frames Alexander Pugachev. He lives in Vologda the city of Kirillov, here is his little workshop.

Frames in the Studio are cut from thin plastic sheet. It can be any color. Customers are offered 20 drawings to choose from. Sometimes masters develop a unique design. For example, Pugachev, now a team is working on order of the city of Ivanovo. Local historians and volunteers decided to restore the old wooden building and ordered Pugachev plastic frames with angels, flowers and other complex elements.

the Master says: the manufacture of one order takes day, and the number of clients grows. In Pugachev’s case, it simply means increase in waiting time order. Opportunities for expansion have no workshop, the heart of the production is a modern CNC machine costing several hundred thousand rubles. Buy a second workshop can not take too long to pay off equipment. The price of the finished casing from plastic range from 2.5 thousand to 5 thousand rubles.

artist, working with wood, to plastic trims are treated with doubt. Nikolai Fomin calls the design a tribute to fashion, the same as plastic Windows or siding. Alexander Pugachev, on the contrary, believes that the plastic parts are more durable and practical, they should not be painted, they will not crack from changes in temperature. The opportunity to test yet: the plastic casings are only a few masters in Russia of more than five years.

But, wooden frames often outlive the houses themselves. There was even such a trivial way of earning money, when the seekers of antiquities travel through abandoned villages and destroyed the huts the old frames. And then this decor is sell.

Prices for antique items is relatively low. For example, in Vologda now sold vintage trim for 12 thousand rubles. In Velikiy Ustyug local collector put up for sale disassembled casing for 8.9 thousand rubles. Gatherer says: the clypeus is about one hundred years. The home owner decided to install plastic Windows, architraves dismantled and given to the collector. For an additional fee the seller is willing to give the inner and outer frames with the same house.

basically, antique frames buy Muscovites. Less – Petersburg. Among the Vologda, Pskov or Novgorod demand for such items is not.

the founder of the virtual Museum�� architraves Ivan Hafizov said that mostly old frames used to create mirrors, cabinets. Someone takes them for parts. The expert notes that his memory was not the case, so the old casing someone decorated the window.

Ivan Hafizov for several years, travels in the regions of Russia, photographing the frames. Recently published a book. The researcher says: the tradition goes.

the unification of the drawings happening all over the country. If earlier every village had its own ornament, now Vologda frames put in Moscow, Novgorod masters decorate the houses in the Leningrad region, and even if someone relied on local tradition, not pictures from the Internet, with the installation in another region of the spike with the terrain is lost. Masters say that their customers are mainly elderly people and putting the trim on a traditional hut. Scandinavian style and trim, agree, don’t mix. However, says Ivan Hafizov, in the future, this decor is not going anywhere.

– Trim, of course, remain in the design, there is no doubt. The furnace did not go anywhere. But the houses will – the big question, – the expert said and stressed: if it is to develop wood building, people will tend to decorate their houses and many will choose not Scandinavian minimalism and a traditional Russian style, where no casing is not indispensable.

But if it is to attack the urbanization and change an individual building, even in small towns come high-rises, with time frames will be only in the form of decoration mirrors or walls in the trendy lofts, the Windows can be seen except in photos.