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– I can’t see the point of taking samples if you don’t analyze them, ” says Gudbrand Skraastad.

Wednesday night was 71-year-old from Vang know that he has the korona.

It came to pass after Hospital Inland still chose to analyze the sample he had taken 10 days ago. First he got the information about that specimen is not going to be analyzed.

– I respond with disbelief that one must go out in the media to get the analyzed samples, if that is the cause, ” says Skaarstad.

Both the Hospital Interior and several other hospitals reporting that they do not have the opportunity to analyze all the samples that come in. They lack the necessary equipment.

Sick after ski trip

Gudbrand Skraastad and a friend was very sick after they came home from skiing holiday in Austria 14. march.

After having had up to 40 in the fever got him, and his friend (76) tested. The frustration was great, as they later got the message that the hospital is not going to analyze the samples.

Wednesday told NRK about the case. The same evening got Skraastad response to korona-test. Both he and his friend had tested positive.

Missing required equipment

More hospital lacks the equipment to analyze all the samples that come in.

– I understand the frustration among those who do not receive a response, ” says communications advisor Line Fuglehaug in the Hospital Inland.

She don’t know how many tests that are not analyzed, but says hospital follow Folkehelseinstituttets recommendations on who they should prioritize.

– Tests that we don’t have time to analyze is stored. These can be analyzed later if necessary, ” she says.

in Total, the Hospital Inland analyzed 5595 samples from the 9. march 25. march. Of these, 227 positive.

SCARCE: Several hospitals have not enough equipment to analyze all of the korona-tests.

Photo: Anders Fehn / NRK Must use private labs

In Hol in Hallingdal need the municipality to send the samples to a private company to get them analyzed.

We had a lot of infected in our community and felt that we did not analyzed the important tests of the residents, even though they according to folkehelseinstituttets recommendations should be tested, ” says the head of the legetjenesten in Hol municipality, Helge Enerstvedt.

instead of sending tests to the laboratory at Vestre Viken HF, now has the municipality begun to send the tests to the private laboratory Fürst in Oslo.

– Which we’ll now answer all the tests we need and it happens faster, ” says Enerstvedt.

The same applies for Drammen municipality.

Vestre Viken has an excellent laboratory, but when our sampling was close to zero, we experienced not acceptable anymore, ” says smittevernoverlege in Drammen, Einar Sagberg.

MUST give PRIORITY to: Ulrich Blast is the medical director of the Vestre Viken health enterprise.

Photo: Eagle E. Borgen / Aftenposten

medical director in the Vestre Viken health enterprise, Ulrich Blast, says the situation is difficult.

– We priorities by clear rules. There is a scarcity of the reagent tube, sampling device and analysemaskiner and we prioritize after Folkehelseinstituttets recommendations, ” he says.

Health in the South-East are now working to get equipment to analyze multiple samples.

Still ill

Gudbrand Skraastad interrupted skiferien in Austria and came home 14. march. Since he has been bedridden with fever, cough and pain in the whole body.

The two comrades are isolated in a house in Hamar, where they get tilkjørt food and drink.

He is happy that he finally got an answer and that he has isolated himself in the waiting times.

Nevertheless, he is critical that it is carried out tests which cannot be analyzed.

I question the whole system. I mean it in the highest degree, should have been analyzed more samples. Then we get a track of whether we are infected or not, ” says Gudbrand Skraastad.

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