Region regrets that sent a resident from a nursing home in return without knowing whether the person was coronasmittet.

recently, a resident from a nursing home in Vallensbæk sent to the hospital with symptoms of the coronavirus.

the Resident was of the hospital, sent back to the nursing home, before there had come the result on the test, which has since proved to be positive.

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For all the good luck train nursing staff on Højstruphave in Vallensbæk immediately to the reservations, they were supposed to, then the resident came back from the hospital.

the Resident was in isolation until the nursing home had been in contact with the hospital, and the test result was available.

– Staff followed the due diligence and followed the procedures and isolated person. They took, of course, also the protective equipment in use to avoid contamination.

– All the reservations were to be followed, ” says mayor Henrik Rasmussen (K) to the

the Mayor believes that the Capital Region was careful enough, since you chose to send a potentially infected person home to an already vulnerable group.

Vallensbæk Municipality has in connection with the case contacted the Capital Region of denmark, which has expressed regret over of the municipality.

– I have been in dialogue with regionsformanden, and she acted quickly and professionally, and they regretted the error and changed their procedure, says Henrik Rasmussen.

in Order to take additional reservations have the Vallensbæk Municipality, chosen to daghjemmet at the municipality’s nursing homes are made to modtagezone. On the way, the hope is that there are no potentially infected into plejehjemmene.

– The relatives have been notified of the situation, our staff always have protection, and we are working on that our staff can be tested, says Henrik Rasmussen.

Like many other municipalities, closed Vallensbæk Municipality per 13. march for visit to plejehjemmene. It happens to fit extra well on older and vulnerable people.

This group of people is particularly vulnerable, if they end up being infected with the coronavirus.